Manual Extravaganza Evaluations: Tindley vs. Homestead

High School

Posted On: 01/4/18 10:57 PM

In game five of the Manual Extravaganza, Tindley faced off with Homestead in a very back and forth game. Tindley led after one quarter, but Homestead took the lead into halftime 32-30. Tindley then took over in the second half scoring after every Homestead run and taking the win 56-52. Purdue commit Eric Hunter Jr. led all scorers with 19 points.


Sincere McMahon – 6’0 PG 2020 – Tindley

McMahon is a young guard who will be able to stay on the ball throughout the rest of his career. Has good enough handles to dribble through traffic and score. He is able to shoot it from deep and combines that with the ability to drive to keep defenders on their heels. McMahon is a really good young guard on this team. It will be interesting to see how he is next year with the departure of Eric Hunter. ­– 13 points, 3 assists

Eric Hunter Jr. – 6’3 SG 2018 – Tindley (Committed to Purdue)

Fresh off his best game of the season, Hunter pressed a little bit in this one. Homestead did give them a good battle but Hunter should have been able to reach the rim whenever he wanted too, but instead settled for jumpers with guys in his face. He was 2/7 from behind the arc and missed a bunch of jumpers. When he was able to get to the rim he was really good. A high-level player who just needs to get to the rim a bit more. – 19 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists

K.J. Coleman – 5’10 SG 2018 – Tindley

Coleman is having a really good senior year and today he was good once again. Coleman is smart with the ball and has the ability to find players before they are open. He leads players with the pass really well and can score a bit himself. Coleman is a solid small school prospect and should excel off the ball at a NAIA school. – 6 points, 6 rebounds


Onye Ezeakudo – 6’ CG 2018 – Homestead

Ezeakudo needs to work on his ball handling a little bit but I really was impressed with his overall game. He’s got a solid body and crashes the boards really hard. Was in a bit of foul trouble in this one but still contributed a lot in the game. A solid small school guard prospect who will bring a bit of scoring and rebounding from the guard spot. – 13 points, 10 rebounds

Sam Buck – 6’5 SF 2018 – Homestead

Buck comes from a basketball family. He shows great knowledge of the game and has a little bit of handles. He can score the ball at all three levels and has a pretty good looking outside shot. He is able to score the ball over taller defenders because his shot is so quick. Really impressive game from the senior. Good small school prospect who should latch on at a DIII or NAIA. – 14 points, 2 assists

Luke Goode – 6’4 SF 2021 – Homestead

Goode is a high ceiling freshman who is going to be really good for Homestead down the road. Already he is able to come in and contribute he is a kid who is going to score a few points and grab a couple rebounds. A tall lanky guard who has a good-looking shot and a high motor. Will be fun to see him grow throughout his career. – 5 points, 5 rebounds