Manual Extravaganza Evaluations: North Central vs. Merrillville

High School

Posted On: 01/6/18 10:30 AM

In game seven of the Manual Extravaganza, North Central ran past Merrillville in a game where Merrillville struggled to shoot it. North Central was able to get out and run leading themselves to a 69-52 win. Jaylon Holmes led all scorers with 20 points in the game.

North Central

Donald Lee – 6’4 SF 2018 – North Central

Lee is a really good athlete and in this game, he showed us that. He threw down a few dunks and hit a couple long balls. Lee needs to work on his handles a bit as in this one he struggled to handle it well but a solid player with upside. – 18 points

Michael Rogers – 6’5 SF 2018 – North Central

Rogers is a guy who is playing pretty well this year. He can do a little bit of everything and while he may not excel at one thing, he is really solid at a lot of it. In this one he played really good defense on Bernard and ran the floor well. I want to see him be a little better in the half court though as he struggled to find offense in sets. – 10 points

Ty’Riek Johnson – 5’11 PG 2018 – North Central

This was a really good game for Johnson. He sometimes gets out of control when the game is sped up, he played really controlled and within himself. Johnson knocked down a few jumpers and played solidly facilitating the ball as well. – 13 points

Caleb Pack – 5’9 PG 2018 – North Central

Pack is a small lead guard who played well and plays a lot bigger than he is listed. North Central doesn’t really have any guards who can handle the ball but Pack was the kid who did that job in this one and his handling looked really good. He picked his spots well and was able to score at the rim multiple times. A solid prospect. – 11 points


Jaylon Holmes – 6’6 G/F 2018 – Merrillville

Holmes was really the only guy for Merrillville that was playing with any consistency. He was able to get to the rim and finish as well as knock down some jumpers. Holmes is a guy who could do really well at the next level with some coaching as he just makes too many mistakes right now. Shows flashes of being really good along with flashes of him being really bad at times. – 20 points

Johnny Bernard – 6’4 SG 2018 – Merrillville

Bernard is a guy who was in foul trouble for most of the game but while he was in, he played pretty well. He struggled to get to the rim but his jumper looked crisp and he looked really comfortable on the floor. One of his more passive games though as he let Holmes do all the work. – 8 points