Manual Extravaganza Evaluations: Evansville Bosse vs. Lawrence North

High School

Posted On: 01/10/18 10:00 AM

In the eighth game of the Manual Extravaganza, Lawrence North defeated Evansville 70-66 after staving off a Boss comeback late. Mehki Lairy fouled out early in the fourth quarter but Bosse made a push without him, but fell just short. Lairy led all players with 25 points.

Evansville Bosse

Mehki Lairy – 5’8 PG 2018 – Bosse (Committed to Miami (OH))

Pound for pound Lairy may be one of the toughest guards in the state. He was really good in this one and almost led Bosse to the win. Picked up a technical foul by talking so much, but it wasn’’t a bad thing. Lairy likes to chirp and he backs it up on the floor. A guard who can score in a variety of ways. – 25 points

Jaylin Chinn – 5’9 PG 2018 – Bosse

Like Lairy, Chinn is a small guard who can score a lot in a hurry. He really struggled in this one scoring the ball but was really good in other ways. When Lairy fouled out, Chinn stepped up and made plays while keeping the score close. He didn’t have any turnovers. A really good small school guard. – 16 points, 4 rebounds

D’Angelo Ware – 6’0 SG 2018 – Bosse

Ware struggled to find his shot but put together a complete game and was really impressive. Ware struggled a bit with the pressure that Lawrence North threw at him but still kept going at them. A really good game from a guy trying to get on the radar of some small schools. – 13 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals

Kiyron Powell – 6’9 PF 2020 – Bosse

Powell is a defensive menace as he has been getting a couple double-doubles without scoring any points. He’s an elite shot blocker and can really pull-down boards at an intense rate. Struggled a little bit in this one with fouls but still made Lawrence North think twice before coming into the lane. – 6 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 steals

Lawrence North

Kevin Easley – 6’7 SF 2018 – Lawrence North

Easley struggled to shoot the ball in this one going just 5/15 from the floor. He did play a really solid game though and was 8/8 from the line. Had a few bad turnovers but had a couple blocks that were really nice but coming into the backside of the player. He will need to find a system that works for him at the next level. – 18 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks

Jared Hankins – 6’4 SG 2019 – Lawrence North

Hankins continues to be really good this year as he hit 5/7 from deep and looked really good when he was in rhythm. Hankins is a scoring guard who can really score almost at will. Has a strange looking shot but he makes it work. Plays with a little bit of an edge. – 23 points, 6 rebounds

Dexter Shouse 6’4 SG 2019 – Lawrence North

Shouse is coming off the bench and I still haven’t really seen him tap into his potential quite yet. He struggled shooting the ball going just 3/10 and didn’t do much the entire game but foul. He picked up two quick fouls and went back to the bench. I’d like to see him get into the game a bit more as he just looked like he wasn’t totally into it. – 6 points, 2 rebounds

Tony Perkins – 6’2 SG 2020 – Lawrence North

Perkins is stepping up this year and he was really impressive in this one. He was able to score at will and he was also rebounding the ball really well. Perkins is a guy who’s improving every day and I saw the whole package come out of him in this one. Great all-around game by the sophomore. – 14 points, 6 rebounds

Mike Saunders – 5’10 PG 2020 – Lawrence North

Saunders never really got into much of a rhythm in this one due to fouls but he still led the offense of Lawrence North pretty well. He didn’t do much and struggled with the speed of Bosse’s guards but once he got more comfortable he was able to do some other things. A decent line from the sophomore guard. – 5 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists

DJ Hughes – 6’5 PF 2021 – Lawrence North

Hughes is going to be one of those players who are going to be really good in a few years. He’s already serviceable as the guy they play at center as he’s a really good rebounder and has a few different ways that he can score. Watch for Hughes to be much improved next year and really make some noise on the offensive end. – 2 points, 8 rebounds