Manual Extravaganza Evaluations: Danville (IL) vs. Indianapolis Northwest (IN)

High School

Posted On: 01/2/18 4:46 PM

In the first game of the Manual Extravaganza, Danville (IL) easily cruised to a 89-43 win over Indianapolis Northwest. Northwest’s Keen Smith was the high scorer with 18 points in the game, all coming via the three-point shot.

Danville (IL)

Kendle Moore – 5’11 PG 2018 – Danville (IL) (Committed: Drake)

Moore is a thin lead guard who had a flurry of low to mid-major interest and offers before committing to Drake. In this game, he didn’t really play his best but showed qualities that set him apart from the rest. This was such a mismatch so he didn’t really have to produce that much but he facilitated the ball really well and pushed it up the floor. Moore struggled from the outside but was 3/4 from inside the arc showing that he can finish at the rim. A solid game in one that he probably could have taken over. – 8 points, 3 assists, 2 steals

Day’len Davis Williams – 6’4 SF 2018 – Danville (IL)

It took a bit for Williams to get going but once he did, he was unstoppable. He is an athletic freak who can shine with a little bit of reigning in. He forced a few shots early but by the end of the game he was bullying his way to the rim and easily scoring there. He has played multiple sports throughout high school and is a high-level football player as well. Williams is tough to stop due to his physicality and can also stretch out the floor. – 9 points, 3 assists

Julian Pearl – 6’6 PF 2018 – Danville (IL)

Pearl is a scary man in the paint. He moves laterally well and while he doesn’t have a ton of skill, he can definitely contribute. Didn’t play in this one until the fourth quarter but bullied kids when he was in. He will grab every rebound that comes his way and get in a positon on the offensive end to score. Pearl is an offensive lineman committed to Illinois and you can see that in how he plays the game. – 6 points, 3 rebounds

Caleb Griffin ­– 6’4 SG 2018 – Danville (IL)

One of my favorite players from the day. Griffin is a really tall, well-built two guard who can really shoot the ball. He was 4/5 from deep all but one of which came in the corner. He’s got some really sneaky athleticism as he can play above the rim and get up. He had a monster dunk early on in the game. Plays the game with an edge and could be a really solid D2 play with all of the tools he has. He is a D1 football kicker with a few offers though. ­– 14 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists


Sean Houpt – 6’3 SG 2019 – Danville (IL)

Houpt is another tall guard on this Danville team. He is only a junior so he has another year to grow and get better. Houpt is a solid guard who makes life tough for the guy he is guarding. He didn’t rack up the steals that he usually does but he really shut down his man in this game. A high-level defender still adding offense to his game but can get shots off in traffic and he can knock it down from behind the arc. – 11 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists

Tevin Smith – 6’4 SG 2021 – Danville (IL)

Smith was a freshman who I was really excited to see coming in. He’s a tall guard with a college ready frame as he already looks like a hugely imposing guy on the court. I was hoping to see him play a little bit and contribute and he did so. Smith didn’t miss a shot in the game making all five attempts and he also showed that he is much more than a scorer. Could be a really high-level prospect down the road as he keeps improving. ­– 11 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals


Keen Reed ­– 5’1 PG 2020 – Indianapolis Northwest

While he isn’t a college prospect right now, Reed could still grow a little bit to make himself a fringe college prospect. He was one of the best shooters on the day going 6/7 from behind the arc. He’s a quick player who can generate some steals because he is so low to the ground. Just a fun player to watch and one whom will rack up a lot of points because he isn’t afraid to shoot it. – 18 points, 2 steals