Manual Extravaganza Evaluations: Ben Davis (IN) vs. Hamilton Heights Christian (TN)

High School

Posted On: 01/10/18 1:00 PM

In the ninth game of the Manual Extravaganza, Hamilton Heights Christian held off an Aaron Henry run at the end to win the game 78-75. HHC got off to a great start but Henry put the team on his back and almost willed his team to the victory. Henry led all scorers with 49 in the game.

Ben Davis

Aaron Henry – 6’5 SF 2018 – Ben Davis (Committed to Michigan State)

This was the game where Henry really solidified himself as one of the state’s top seniors. He was able to do anything he wanted and finished at the rim really well. He struggled at the free throw line but other than that, he was superb. Scored at all three levels and was getting to the rim easily. He is easily a high major type player. – 49 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals, 4 assists

Dawond Jones – 6’7 C 2019 – Ben Davis

Jones is a big bodied guy inside and he can really surprise you with his athleticism. He’s a big part of this team as an interior defender and can score on the offensive end as well. He had four dunks in this one and showed me a lot of potential. – 14 points, 8 rebounds

Jalen Windham – 6’3 SG 2019 – Ben Davis

Windham struggled in this one shooting the ball from deep, something he prides himself on. He hit one three-pointer and played okay. He was a guy who we thought could have a good game coming in, but struggled against the length of the Hamilton Heights Christian team. A solid D1 prospect, but will have to learn to get comfortable in tough game situations against top-level competition. – 13 points

Hamilton Heights Christian

Uros Plavsic – 7’1 C 2018 – Hamilton Heights Christian (Committed to Cleveland State)

Plavsic is a guy who can rebound the ball with anyone in the country. It helps when you are 7’1 but it also helps that he has a great feel of where the ball is going to come off the rim. He was consistently in good position and kept outworking everyone. He didn’t play that many minutes, but due to his offense not totally being there quite yet, I can see why. He’s going to be a huge asset in college. – 6 points, 8 rebounds

Tre Edwards – 6’6 SG 2019 – Hamilton Heights Christian

Edwards was on fire this game hitting everything he looked at. Had a stretch in the first half where he had four three-pointers in a row and then cooled off in the second half. It was a solid game for him as he really performed well and let his team to the win. – 32 points

Jordan Rawls – 6’2 PG 2019 – Hamilton Heights Christian

Rawls is a solid guard and in this one he showed us what makes him special. He shot the ball well and dished it out just as well. He’s a guy who is going to be able to run the point at a D1 school because he’s so long and knows how to play the game. Really good game from Rawls especially with Edwards going off as well. – 26 points, 3 assists