Posted On: 01/30/18 7:23 PM

Anthony “AJ” Rainey 5’10 G HL Bourgeois (Nicholls St. commit)

My goodness! I knew that AJ Rainey was good, but I never imagined he would be putting up these kind of numbers. In the past two games for HL Bourgeois, he is averaging over 48 points a game. That’s an All American type stat line. Rainey is capable of scoring at all 3 levels, and he has counters for whatever the defense throws at him. He is currently signed with Nicholls St., but it sounds like Rainey is going to have to go the JUCO route before he is able to play D1 basketball. Here are highlights from his game against Destrehan in which he went for 52 points and 10 assists: 


Marc Bowie 6’2 G Edna Karr  (Arkansas Fort-Smith commit)

Bowie really started to rise last summer playing for NOLA23, and he has continued that excellence through this season. It is pretty easy to tell the amount of hard work that Bowie has put into his game, and it has really come in handy as Edna Karr has been playing really well so far this season. Bowie is really good at making tough shots, and has the athleticism to finish around the rim. I have seen stretches that he is pretty much unguardable on the offensive end.

Seneca Knight 6’6 G Northside

I said it last week, and I will say it again. I knew that Seneca Knight was good, but I had no idea that he was this good. He has had 5-6 games already this season where he has scored over 30 points in a game. Knight is an absolutely knockdown shooter, and he has legit NBA range both catch and shoot and off the dribble. He had a game earlier this season against McKinley in which he knocked down 8 3s in a game and went for 36 points. Any D1 or D2 looking to add some shooting for next year should definitely be taking a look at Seneca Knight. 

Donnell Jones 6’4 G John Curtis

Jones is a kid that many hoop heads in Louisiana have never seen play before, simply because he doesn’t play AAU and only plays for John Curtis, but hasn’t stopped Jones from showing how talented he is on the basketball court. Jones is a natural off guard, and clearly brings a level of toughness and physicality over from the football field. He can get to the rim and uses his athleticism to finish at and above the rim, and is also an above average shooter from deep. Here are some of his summer hightlights

Kaybryn Allen 5’10 G David Thibodaux

Allen is another kid that not many will know, but he is a highlight play waiting to happen every game. He has the best handles of anyone I have seen so far this season, and he can get into the paint anytime he wants. He sees the floor very well, and is a really strong pick and roll player. JUCOs definitely need to be on the lookout for Allen, because he is definitely good enough to play at the next level. Check out this highlight from earlier this week.