Posted On: 01/31/18 6:59 PM

Devaughn Thomas 6’7 F Comeaux (Mid-Major/Low Major)

Thomas is one of the best prospects left in the state, and it is pretty easy to tell just how talented he is when you’re watching him. Standing at 6’7, he moves fluidly and has length and athleticism. In high school he can play 2-5, but at the next level I can see him comfortably playing 2-4. He is a really accurate shooter from deep, and can score well around the bucket as well, using his size advantage.


Seneca Knight 6’6 F Northside (Low Major/D2)

I’ve said it once, and I will continue to say it, Seneca Knight has climbed as far as anyone between last season and this season. He has elite size for his position, and will most likely be slotted all the way up at the 2 at the next level. He is one of the absolute best shooters in the state, and has legit NBA range, both catch and shoot and off the dribble. He has the size, length and athleticsm to be a plus defender, but there have definitely been question marks in the past about his commitment level on that end of the floor.


Elijah Hampton 6’5 F Grace Christian (JUCO)

Hampton is made in much of the same mold as the two players above him, but isn’t quite as smooth on the court as the others. Even though his release is a bit unorthodox, he is still a fantastic shooter from the outside, and I don’t see any reason why that would change at the next level. He is a good defender and scorer, but his biggest strength is definitely his ability to shoot the ball.


Travonte Sam 6’6 F David Thibodaux (JUCO)

Sam is definitely a different type of player than the 3 above him on this list, and that’s because he’s going to get the most attention due to his defensive presence. He is 6’6 with a near 7 foot wingspan, and has the athleticism to match. He is one of the top defensive players in the state, and when he is locked in, its virtually impossible to get a bucket on him. Offensively he is a prototypical 3&D wing, capable of knocking down 3s as a role player. If he can be your 3rd or 4th option offensively, he is going to excel.


Jalen Perkins 6’6 F Walker (JUCO)

Perkins is also different from the rest of the members on this list, because he excels on his hard work, energy, and motor. He has the athletic ability to be the most athletic on any given court, and the frame that you are looking for from a 3/4 at the next level. As far as skill is concerned, he is still developing, but is an average shooter from deep, so he won’t need to be just corralled around the paint. With his work ethic and motor, he has an extremely high ceiling, and if coaches can capitalize on that at the next level, he has a chance to be deadly.