Louisiana 2018: Best Available Bigs


Posted On: 01/31/18 9:54 PM

Semaj Matthews 6’7 F Landry-Walker (D2/JUCO)

For my money, regardless of size or position, Semaj Matthews is the best defender in the state for the 2018 class. He has great feet, can guard 1-5 in high school, and I think that he will be able to guard 2-5 at the next level. On the offensive side, he is still a work in progress, but he continues to get better as a shooter and being able to put the ball on the deck. If he goes to a college program that has him shooting 500+ 3s a day, he is going to have a bright future wherever he goes.


Kevin Charles 6’7 F Crescent City (D2/NAIA)

If you look at where Kevin Charles was 2 years ago, you wouldn’t even recognize his game today and the way he has been playing this year. He is a long armed athlete that can protect the rim, and finish high above it on the offensive end. What is most impressive about Charles is the way that he has progressed and improved as high high school career has gone on. His coaches are continually bragging on the amount of time that he spends in the gym, and the work ethic that he possesses.


Jalen Banks 6’8 C Baker (JUCO)

Banks is a long armed, athletic 6’8 big man, who is still putting together a skill set to go along with his elite frame. He can rebound at an elite level, but offensivly is still best when getting the ball in the paint. He is one of the best rim protectors in them, and according to Maxpreps is the 2nd leading shot blocker in the LHSAA. Eligibility at the next level is still a question mark, so all JUCOs in need of a big should definitely be reaching out.


Jaden Edwards 6’8 C Lafayette(JUCO)

Sadly for Edwards, he tore his ACL early in the season, so he won’t be able to compete during his senior year, but he has enough of a resume to show college coaches for there to still be a good deal of JUCO interest. Edwards is a big bodied big that can play with power and strength. He can overwhelm most of his opponents in the post on the offensive end, but doesn’t have a very wide array of moves in the post. He moves his feet on the defensive end better than you would expect from someone his size. There have been questions in the past about his work ethic and commitment to the game, but if you can get Edwards to buy in, he is a potential D1 big.


Trevian Sylvester 6’8 C Breaux Bridge (JUCO)

Sylvester is a big man that makes most of his impact on the defensive side of the ball, protecting the rim and getting turnovers on that side of the ball. He has a bad habit of swatting at shots instead of using his length to affect the shots, but if he gets rid of that, he has the potential to be a really good rim protector. He has some nice post moves on the offensive end, and can finish with either hand, and also has a viable up and under counter.