Posted On: 01/11/18 4:18 PM

On 1/10/2018 the Lincoln Abes squared off against cross town rivals Lakes Lancers. I say cross town because anybody from this side of the town knows that Spanaway and Tacoma have battled quite a bit throughout the years. Spanaway has for the most part been on the losing on most of these games. This game was no different. The Abes came out firing on all cylinders and made it hard for the lancers to get into any sets. There full court pressure was at its best and all hands on deck were locked in. Bonds was in full form today. Braggs adds power and explosion in the post. The Lancers in spurts looked like they were potentially going to make a run but the whole defense geared towards stopping Mr. DaeShawn Wayne who is the current player of the week. His season averages are 16.8 ppg. He has had some big 20+ games this season.

Lincoln Abes Game Standouts:

Abes forward Anthony Braggs is a big target in the middle and has branched out and developed some wing like moves to the basket. I think that the next level that will be his natural positon if he doesn’t grow anymore. I like his attitude, that is what stand out to me. In this game specifically he was determined to show that he was the more dominant player in the paint. In a game where most of the baskets for Lincoln were in transition he didn’t shy away from running the floor and did that quite well.

Abes guard Lezjon Bonds showed exactly why he is no longer to be considered under the radar. He put on a clinic on how to guard the ball and push the ball up the floor and create at the front of the rim. He has single handedly put this team on his back at the guard spot and anchors both sides of the ball.  I was very impressed with how dominant he can be with the ball in his hands either making plays for others or for himself. In this game you saw Lezjon on the glass along with Anthony.

Lakes Lancers Game Standouts:

Lancers star point guard DaeShawn Wayne is a star in the making. I would still consider him under the radar. He has had multiple 20+ games this season and continues to prove that he can lead his team to victories in close games. However in this game he came across a Abes team that that can pressure the ball and they love to trap the opposing guards. I was impressed with the fact that even with the game out of reach he continued to keep his foot on the pedal and keep moving forward. I like this kid and I think that his stock will move from a D3 recruit to a solid D2 recruit by the end of the season.

Lancers guard Shawn Ostrander gives the lancers a lot on defense and in this particular game gave them some offense as well. His game is still developing but he has a high motor and confidence that will take him a long way. Standing 6 foot 2 he has some good size for a guard and can defend all 3 guard and wing positions. I would like to see his offensive game take shape and see him stretch the floor more. In this game most of his points came off rim drives and dives and some open 18 footers.