“Kingdom of the Sun” Wrap-Up: Jouldan Velez / Orlando Christian Prep

High School

Posted On: 01/5/18 9:51 AM

The 5’6” sophomore was called-on for his energy in the absence of C.J. Walker and, in one game, Nassir Little. He gave his Warriors the boost they needed, making sure his time on the floor was not wasted. I caught up with him to speak about his time at the “Kingdom of the Sun” Tournament.

JR: “What was your experience like at the Kingdom of the Sun Tourney?”

JV: “My experience at the “Kingdom of the Sun” was positive. Like in every tournament, there will be adversity to go through. But when you got your team behind you, it’s easy to surpass.”

JR: “How would you rate the level of competition, as a whole?”

JV: “The level of competition was average. As a whole, there was a lot of great matchups.

JR: “What did this 3-4 day experience teach you about your team?”

JV: “In the 3-4 days we where there, we learned a lot about ourselves. We are not yet where we want to be at collectively on the court. We have some mistakes we have to clear up, but we have a great coach in Treig Burke. He will get the best out of us. The love we have for one another on the team is like no other. We all care for each other and want everyone to succeed.”

JR: “Going into the second half of the season, what are you and your team’s goals after experiencing what you did at the #KOS?”

JV: “Heading into the second half of the season, our goals are just to get better individually. As a whole, keep working hard, staying focused, go hard at all times, and be the best team we can be. In the It is a long season. People are going to have to step up and leaders are going to have to stay poised and keep their heads up.”

JR: “Would you want to be part of this tournament again, next December? Why?”

JV: “I personally would love to be a part of it again, next December. I feel like we did not perform to our highest ability, which led us to losing in the quarterfinals. We ended up with a 3-1 record in the tournament, which is not bad, but I would like to come back and win it all, for sure.”

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