Kingdom of the Sun: Tourney Wrap-Up: Zy Harris

High School

Posted On: 01/10/18 7:30 PM

This 6’1” junior guard from Ocala-Vanguard High was able to give his team valuable help during stretches before the title match on the fourth day. From the wing-three area, he can be a menace. Check out Zy Harris’ take on the “Kingdom of the Sun” Tourney experience.

JR: “What was your experience like at the Kingdom of the Sun Tourney?”

ZH: “ It was very exciting and it gave you really good feeling.”

JR: “How would you rate the level of competition, as a whole?”

ZH: “The rating is very high. There were a lot of ranked and big time players, there. There we a lot of players that were ready to give it their all.”

JR: “What did this 3-4 day experience teach you about your team?”

ZH: “It teaches you to keep your energy every night because you can’t take any games off. Always fight hard, no matter what happens the day before or the other game.”

JR: “Going into the second half of the season, what are you and your team’s goals after experiencing what you did at the #KOS?”

ZH: “My goal is to help my team in every way I can. Our goals as a team is to go forward and never take steps backward.”

JR: “Would you want to be part of this tournament again, next December? Why?”

ZH: “Yes I would love to because it was a time to remember.”

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