“Kingdom of the Sun” Tourney: Interview Wrap-Up: J’len Wilson

High School

Posted On: 01/7/18 3:00 PM

J’len Wilson has been a bolt of energy for the ‘Canes, he’s a guard that can be effective on both sides of the floor. During the Kingdom, his energy was infectious. I caught up with him to speak about his time at the tournament.

JR: “What was your experience like at the Kingdom of the Sun Tourney?”

JW: “I had a great experience at the Kingdom of the Sun. It’s going to help us in the long term. This experience has helped me as being the point guard to show me what I need to do to get my team to Lakeland.”

JR: “How would you rate the level of competition, as a whole?”

JW: “The competition level was high. I played against some of the top guards and we went at it. Every game, we had to compete at a high level. Games like that get us ready for the playoffs.”

JR: “What did this 3-4 day experience teach you about your team?”

JW: “It taught me a lot about my team. It showed me that we do a lot better against higher competition, and that my teammates are dogs who fight until the clock says ‘0:00’. It also showed me the importance of teamwork.”

JR: “Going into the second half of the season, what are you and your team’s goals after experiencing what you did at the #KOS?”

JW: “One of our goals is that when we have a lead going in the third quarter, we have to take good shots, be patient, and play solid defense. Another goal is that we have to come in every game with the same energy, not just the big games. Another goal is to communicate more with my teammates on the floor.”

JR: “Would you want to be part of this tournament again, next December? Why?”

JW: “Yes, I would love to be apart of it again, it’s a great tournament. You play against good teams and it gets you ready for district, regionals, and state games. It also allows our coach to see what our strengths are and what we need to improve on.”

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