Kingdom of the Sun Tourney: Interview Wrap-Up: Dantwan Grimes

High School

Posted On: 01/10/18 12:00 PM

Dantwan Grimes was one of the most electrifying players to watch throughout the entire tournament. His speed and quickness helped propel his Knights to a championship game berth. Grimes spoke on how it felt to be a part of the run.

JR: “What was your experience like at the Kingdom of the Sun Tourney?”

DG: “My experience of playing in the Kingdom was awesome. I always wanted to play in that tournament. I liked the energy of the crowd and the exposure.”

JR: “How would you rate the level of competition, as a whole?”

DG: “The level of competition was awesome. I think I needed that level of competition so I can become a better player and see what it’s like playing on the next level.”

JR: “What did this 3-4 day experience teach you about your team?”

DG: “That 3-4 day experience taught me and my team that we have everything it takes to play on the next level if we keep working hard and getting better.”

JR: “Going into the second half of the season, what are you and your team’s goals after experiencing what you did at the #KOS?”

DG: “After going into the Kingdom and doing what we did, our goal is to play to the level we played in the Kingdom throughout this second half of the season. We realize that we’re not going to play any talented teams like we played in the Kingdom, so we should go out and beat everyone on our schedule.”

JR: “Would you want to be part of this tournament again, next December? Why?”

DG: “Yes, I would want to be a part of that tournament again because I want the competition and the exposure.”

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