“Kingdom of the Sun” Tourney Interview Wrap-Up: Andrew Jackson III

High School

Posted On: 01/5/18 7:00 PM

Ocala-Vanguard’s Andrew Jackson III used his presence in the paint to his fullest advantage, helping his squad advance to the the Championship Game of the Kingdom Tourney. I reached out to Jackson III to get his thoughts on how it all played out.

JR: “What was your experience like at the Kingdom of the Sun Tourney?”

AJIII: “I had a great experience at the tournament. It was a job well done by coach Phillip Small and his Kingdom of the Sun planning committee. Winning and advancing in this tournament definitely helped me to enjoy myself during the tournament, but it would be a great experience for any team. A combination of learning and competing made my overall experience at the Kingdom one to remember.”

JR: “How would you rate the level of competition, as a whole?”

AJIII: “The competition level was very high this year, at the tournament. I have watched and played in the Kingdom of the Sun for the past four years, and I would say that this year, the tournament had one of the most competitive fields. I saw and played in a lot of great games this year, and I know that a majority of the teams had close games during their time at the tournament. The talent that was at the Kingdom of the Sun this year really enhanced the overall competition level.”

JR: “What did this 3-4 day experience teach you about your team?”

AJIII: “This tournament helped us to find out what we can be. We played a great team in Rockledge on the third day to reach the championship. We were able to rally back and get the comeback win to put Vanguard in the championship for the first time since 1994.  Throughout the week, everyone was working on defining their roles on the team, and as a whole, we were able to find our identity.”

JR: “Going into the second half of the season, what are you and your team’s goals after experiencing what you did at the #KOS?”

AJIII: “Great play in the tournament is going to springboard us into the second half of our season. We learned the types of teams we can compete with and who we can be as a team going forward. We plan to win a district championship and make a deep playoff run.”

JR: “Would you want to be part of this tournament again, next December? Why?”

AJIII: “As a member of the team that is lucky to host this tournament every year, my team will be participating in the tournament again. The competition and atmosphere of the whole tournament is a major draw to participate. Big names and their teams come to compete. It is a tournament that you can really make a name for yourself and your team.”

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