Intro: Evan Myers (2019)


Posted On: 01/28/18 3:00 PM

Carmel 2019 shooting guard Evan Myers is a plus perimeter shooter that drills shots at a high rate off the catch.  Good free throw shooter and mixes in a drive every now and then, but is primarily a spot up shooter that could be looked at by small colleges. Myers knows what he is best at! “Shooting for sure.  I am always in the gym working on my shot.  Pump fakes.  I am trying to improve on dribbling and getting to the basket.  Using deception to get to the free throw line because I know I am an 85% free throw shooter.  If I can do that I know I can play at the next level if I dribble more.” Myers doesn’t have any recruiting interest at this time.  He didn’t play on the grassroots circuit so his name isn’t out there much right now, but should see his name get some attention at the small college level over the next 12 months.