Huron vs. Saline: 3 Keys To The Game


Posted On: 01/26/18 10:39 AM

Huron and Saline square off in a critical matchup in the positioning of SEC Red teams.  The game is at Huron and will top off at 7PM.  Here are 3 Keys To The Game:


Saline and Huron both have exceptional backcourts and the matchups will play a key role in who wins.  Saline features Griffin Yaklich (2020, G) and Trevor Arico (2020, G).  Yaklich is a smooth player who can get into the lane and finish or dish off to open teammates.  Arico is a hot shooting sophomore who can’t be left open beyond the arc.  Huron’s backcourt of Louis Willis (2018, G) and LJ DeWolf (2018, G) are both exceptional shooters who can get hot at the blink of an eye.  They are also very good defenders and if they can slow Yaklich and Arico, Huron will have a distinct advantage.


They may not guard each other, but the senior forwards will be critical to the outcome of the game.  Both are good rebounders and can score off the glass.  Lewis has a better jump shot, but Turner is relentless when going to the basket.  Lewis is strong on the defensive end, and wether he’s guarding Turner or Adam Heisler (2018, Saline, F), Huron will depend on him defensively.  If either Lewis or Turner have solid games, it will be difficult for the other team to overcome.


Huron and Saline are two of the best defensive teams around.  Both teams have built a culture within their programs centered around being solid on that end of the court.  Saline typically employs a high pressure half court defense.  They look for opportunities to create turnovers with traps and on ball pressure.  Huron plays exceptional team defense.  They are precise on their rotations and make an open look almost impossible to find.  It will be interesting to see which defense steps up and takes control of this game.