Hot & Cold: Week 9

High School

Posted On: 01/15/18 7:23 PM

This season, we are going to recap each week with a look at those teams that are playing well and those that aren’t so much.  We breakdown our Hot 5 and Cold 5 each week looking into why those teams are making our list on either end.  Now, our Hot and Cold teams of the week.

Hot 5:



Oak Hill (11-4)

Southwood, Eastbrook

Princeton (10-2)

Mt. Carmel (IL)

Franklin Community (7-5)

Edinburgh, Greenwood

Warren Central (13-0)

Lawrence Central, Pike, Lawrence North

Evansville Bosse (12-2)

Ev. Central, Ev. Memorial, Ev. Harrison

Breakdown: This was a light week with everything going on but some teams really stepped up. Oak Hill got a huge win over Southwood, a team that exposed a weakness of theirs last year. Should give them a boost of confidence moving forward.  Princeton has quietly had a great season and while the Mt. Carmel win isn’t massive, it’s proof that they are plenty capable of winning the games they should. Franklin Community had a great week. While they lost to Center Grove in the championship game of the Johnson County Tournament, they are happy to get their second win over Greenwood this year.  Warren Central continues to prove they are the best team in the state with three massive wins and a chance to add on with Ben Davis coming up on Monday.  Evansville Bosse went on to win the SIAC Tournament easily over Harrison, Memorial, and Central proving they are the best team in the area, yet again.

Cold 5:




North Central (4-6)


Marquette Catholic (5-10)

Washington Twp, Andrean

Kankakee McNamara (IL)

Bishop Dwenger (5-6)

New Haven, FW Wayne

NorthWood (8-3)


Penn (7-3)

FW Carroll

John Glenn

Breakdown: While this was a light week because of the delays and cancellations, you still had some questionable weeks for some times.  North Central continues to go down a bad path with another loss to Roncalli. We didn’t expect them to be great but did think they would find a way to compete and get some wins.  Marquette Catholic is now 5-10 and we have seen them twice.  They are a good team but you can’t lose to Washington Twp. and Andrean in the same week. Have to find a way to get it figured out.  Bishop Dwenger is in the same boat. Better than their record but they did have two games that they likely shouldn’t have won.  Just comes now to put them below .500.  NorthWood only had one game but Northridge isn’t the team you should have been worried about.  Penn is a really good team and while none of their losses would qualify as bad, Fort Wayne Carroll isn’t what we would term a “good team.”