Hot & Cold: Week 11

High School

Posted On: 01/29/18 1:11 PM

This season, we are going to recap each week with a look at those teams that are playing well and those that aren’t so much.  We breakdown our Hot 5 and Cold 5 each week looking into why those teams are making our list on either end.  Now, our Hot and Cold teams of the week.

Hot 5:

Team: Wins
Tri-West (13-2) Greencastle, Danville, Lebanon
Evansville Memorial (11-3) Ev. Harrison, Princeton, Ev. Mater Dei
Carmel (11-5) Ben Davis, New Castle
LaVille (17-0) Culver, SB St. Joseph
Plainfield (11-5) Monrovia, Decatur Central, Lebanon

Breakdown: Tri-West has quietly gone through the year with only two losses and now are 13-2 after a big, three-win week.  Evansville Memorial is starting to get back on track after the loss to Bosse. Taking down Harrison will do them wonders.  Carmel has the biggest two wins of the week with Ben Davis and Newcastle wins and getting going at the right time.  LaVille is still undefeated and now 17-0 with a pair of victories, one of SBSJ, the biggest win of the season.  Plainfield as well is getting going at the right time with a slew of recent wins and a big three-win week.  Gavin Bizeau is starting to heat up.


Cold 5:

Team: Losses
Indianapolis Howe (12-6) Cathedral, Manual
Indianapolis Lighthouse S (6-10) Metro, Tindley
Lawrence North (11-5) Center Grove
Southport (3-11) Columbus North, Franklin
Greenwood (9-6) Shelbyville, Indianapolis Roncalli

Breakdown: Hard to knock Howe with how they have played but a pair of losses in a week is a tough pill to swallow. Still a very good team with a chance to go all the way.  Lighthouse South should be better than 6-10 but losing to Metro is kind of an idea of where their season is right now.  Lawrence North still can’t get a big win this year. Many good wins but no great ones.  Center Grove might have been that.  Southport is falling flat and can’t seem to get going at all after dropping two winnable games.  Greenwood ran into two teams with more seniors than they even have and couldn’t pull out a big win in either.