Posted On: 01/3/18 1:28 PM

We continue with our look back at the holiday season hoops tournaments and showcases with our breakdown of the 2019 and 2020 prospects at the Holiday Hoops Tournament. We were only able to make it up for three games due to weather.

Spencer Sroufe – 6’7 PF 2019 – Whitko (IN)

Sroufe is a long, lanky forward who has the stretch ability you want. He’s really improved as a ball handler and now can drive from the arc to the middle of the floor and pull up. Not perfect but definitely capable. He’s still got some inside game but needs to finish a little strong and with more touch. Better outside scoring than inside right now.  He can add something defensively as he will come out and hedge and closeout well on shooters.  Could guard 3-5 right now.

Will Geiger – 6’4 SF 2020 – Norwell (IN)

Geiger is a solid forward with a little versatility to him and a strong frame. He’s more of an interior forward who can slash and drive from 12’ out.  He showed a really solid ability to rebound the ball and can be physical down low. He’s not the best shooter or finisher right now but still young and will get a chance to clean that up.  He did shoot well from the free throw line where he spent a lot of time as he continuously drew a ton of contact.  If he can add a little more refinement to his finishing ability you could have an interesting player.

Mitchell Wilson – 5’11 PG 2020 – Columbia City (IN)

Wilson is a tough, stout guard that showed he can handle some length and pressure. Will need to improve with it but for his age and Merrillville’s length it was pretty solid. Was really good when he was able to dribble into a pull-up jumper, however, he will have to reel things in a times as he was fairly aggressive.  If he can get to where the jumper is a compliment to other skills, he’s going to be really good.  Loved his toughness and ball handling ability.  Has been solid so far in his development.

Hank Pulver – 6’5 SF 2019 – Huntington North (IN)

Pulver is a long, lanky wing with improved handles and showed a variety of ways he can score the ball. Was the most consistent player in this game, driving the ball a ton and using a nice floater in the lane that was tough to defend.  He’s able to go off the bounce and be more of a scorer/distributor with his vision and passing ability.  Needs to pack on the pounds but the frame is ready to take it.  He’s already improved a bunch since the summer with his skill.

Sawyer Stoltz – 6’8 SF 2019 – Huntington North (IN)

Stoltz is a long, lanky forward with a lot of shooting ability.  He was great as a shooter from the wing and with his size and length, he is very difficult to defend.  Will really need to bulk up and add strength but is aggressive enough and doesn’t leave plays on the floor.  Was more of a outside-in forward in this game, able to contribute as a rebounder and faced-up driver.  If he can clean up his handles a bit, the shooting could come more into play.

Aaron Etherington – 6’6 SF 2019 – Hamilton Southeastern (IN)

Etherington wasn’t great in this game but proving an off game for him is still pretty good. Wasn’t able to knock down a ton of shots but was great attacking the rim for rebounds and creating pressure down low. His aggressiveness when he wants to make plays in the post is really good and his athleticism is tough to match up with. Was able to knock down a couple threes in the game and did enough of the dirty work to be able to give HSE a chance at the end. Doing well this year adding in more work off the ball.

Noah Smith – 6’1 PG 2019 – Hamilton Southeastern (IN)

Smith was solid in this game as he was able to create some turnovers and at key times. His ability to put pressure on an opposing offense is really big and he’s been very consistent this year, more so than in the past.  Where he’s also improved is with his scoring ability at the rim. Much more aggressive and he had five field goals and most, if not all came right at the rim.  Was the leading scorer again for HSE.

PHOTO: Jared Rigdon