Graber Post Classic: Underclassmen Evaluations

High School

Posted On: 01/3/18 1:56 PM

The holiday season is over and we are going back through our notes and putting together our evaluations from the last week’s events. Today, we look at the Graber Post Classic and the 2020 and 2021 prospects from our day at North Daviess.

Trevor Riggins – 6’2 SG 2020 – North Daviess (IN)

Riggins is a thin, tough off-guard with some length and a frame that should grow. He’s got a little bit of handles and can make plays on the wing, driving into the mid-range a bit. However, they aren’t good enough yet to project him to play on the ball a lot.  Is a decent shooter with a solid release as a lefty.  Needs strength and that would help with him driving into the lane.  Should grow quite a bit from now until his senior year.

Kirk Wagler – 6’3 SF 2020 – North Daviess (IN)

Kirk is an undersized forward with a solid inside-out game. Is big and well built for his size and can play inside as a post player, able to be mobile on the low block but has good enough footwork to get out on the wing and make a play or two.  Isn’t able yet to drive and isn’t a big shooter but he does provide really good rebounding, able to get up and over defenders to get it.  Needs a growth spurt but could be a guy to watch.

Justin Fickling – 6’0 PG 2020 – South Knox (IN)

Justin is a solid combo guard with a big frame and plenty of strength. Is a high IQ player that is able to make plays for others with the ball in his hand.  Was good off the catch and able to score enough to make him a weapon rather than a facilitator which he is solid at.  Should fill out the frame more as long as he keeps his speed and ball handling, he should be really solid in a couple years.

Silas Bauer – 6’5 SF 2021 – Loogootee (IN)

Bauer is a tall forward with a good perimeter game but showed tonight he can be a threat on the inside as well. Was really tough and physical in the paint, drawing six fouls in the first half that all resulted in free throw opportunities.  He’s really good as a perimeter shooter but didn’t show that really tonight. His toughness was what really stood out. Will need to really clean up his free throw shooting but a great game from him tonight.

Brycen Graber – 6’1 PG 2021 – Barr-Reeve (IN)

Graber is a tall point guard with good IQ and solid handles. Is really long and looks like he will sprout up pretty quick, could see 6’3+ sooner rather than later. Handled the on-ball pressure from Mull pretty well and while he isn’t a big offensive player, the release on his jumper looks good and it could be a weapon for him soon.

Keegan O’Neill – 6’7 PF 2020 – Barr-Reeve (IN)

O’Neill is a big, thick forward with some mobility and really solid shooting ability.  He had a tough time defensively guarding Blackhawk’s size and athleticism.  Drew a lot of fouls early but was also really good offensively early on.  He’s best in the mid-range where he can play out of the high post and be able to turn around into a jumper.  Was looking to put it on the floor a bit and had some success but needs to tighten up the frame a bit and his handles. Has a bit of upside still left to tap into.

Caleb Furst – 6’8 PF 2021 – Blackhawk Christian (IN)

Furst was pretty good in this one, showing a lot of his work as a post player. He was catching the ball more in the mid-range and putting it on the floor trying to get at the rim using his handles and athleticism. Barr-Reeve couldn’t stay with him then.  He was decent rebounding the ball but will tend to get taken out of it a bit as he plays further away from the rim right now.  Overall, a good performance for a freshman that saw some toughness and size.