Get to Know Em: South Dakota Seniors Doing Work

High School

Posted On: 01/11/18 1:53 PM

We are all familiar with the known names pushing their teams to big wins and being discussed for all the honors.  But what about those others seniors leading their teams to big years under the radar?  Here are a few to know.

Caleb DeKam, Castlewood.  A six foot senior guard who is a straight stat sheet stuffer.  Recently went over 1,000 points for his career scoring 12 with seven points and seven boards against Chester (a 30 point win) and he’s had a 17-7-6-5-4 game this year which is ridiculous.  And when we meant he does everything, it includes half court buzzer beaters which somehow he has done several times. Caleb is averaging 18 points, eight rebounds, 5.5 assists, and four steals.

Alex Glanzer, SF Lincoln.  The 5-foot-9 guard is getting a lot more chances with Dillon Barrow out and he’s made the most of them.  Not sure if you checked your local paper this week but the 25 point, 9 of 14 shooting, 7 three pointers sunk game from Alex was big time.

Harrisburg.  I’m going to list half of them real quick.  6-4 Brady VanHolland, 6-3 Chase Altenburg, 6-4 Michael Curry, and 6-5 Ace Zorr.  These are four of the eight seniors that play and have this team undefeated.  Of course some play more than others and when the games get bigger Harrisburg may not need all ten guys they play but this group has been fantastic together because they all play so well together led by Brady, Chase, Michael, and Ace from this senior group.Chase is a bigger guard at 6-foot-3 where as VanHolland, Curry, and Zorr have taken the challenge of some bigger players and met it head on.

Tayon Hawkins, Britton-Hecla.  You know him for being the super standout football player but he gets buckets too.  Just had 26 in controlling win over Castlewood.  The 5-foot-9 guard is tough to get buy and twice as hard to keep in front.  His push has allowed him to score in many ways beating guys to spots or getting to corners so he can score just over contesting arms.

Dylan Hay, RC Central.  The 5-foot-9 Hay is pretty much the driving force behind what we are doing here today.  Hay is not a name that was known statewide before the year but everyone is learning his name now as he continues to pair with KWB as arguably the most potent backcourt 1-2 punch in Class AA right now.  I’m sure you could get some arguments from other good teams but that’s why I said “arguably”. Fact is Hay hasn’t been phased by extra attention and his percentages remain strong.

Scipio Jeme, Aberdeen Roncalli.  The Cavs are undefeated and this 6-foot-2 wing has been a lighting rod for the team.  Energy, effort, and consistency of play, Jeme will grab your attention with back to back threes and then fly around the court to make a play.  Had a career high 27 at the end of the month and has given his team another option that teams must rotate to and get a body on before it’s too late.

Ben Krueger, Potter County.  When we were talking about shooters last week, this is a guy that deserves mention.  The six foot senior is coming off another several three point make game beating Stanley County early in the week.  It’s common for Ben to leave a gym after hitting five and six threes without a thought because it’s become common place regardless of the opponent.

Jack McCabe, Dakota Valley.  Have to throw Jack on here because he is a very good player that doesn’t quit get the words that others do despite his consistency in production as wing scorer plus his team is a 6-2 and showing that they are dangerous once again.

Will Moore, RC Stevens.  I’m sure you were like many others when you looked at the teams before the season and wrote off Stevens because of the graduation losses.  With seven straight wins they are making believers out of many and they are doing it with a balanced line-up.  A handful of seniors have shown great leadership and one of those players in 6-foot-5 senior forward Will Moore who has given his team double figure numbers in the paint four of the last five games.

Joe Sazue III, Crow Creek.  The Chieftains are 8-2 on the year and when it comes to top scorers in the senior class people have to take a look at 6-foot-1 win Joe Sazue III.  He’s scoring over 25 points per game hitting on 46 percent of his shots despite constant attention.  Good foul shooter too and he’s scoring on almost 40 percent of his threes.

Bryce Scieszinski, Bon Homme.  Bryce is a 6-foot-4 forward for the Cavs who had a double-double in a blowout of Freeman, scored 25 in the recent win over Wagner, had 19 to beat Tr-Valley, and through seven games he’s hit double figures in every contest. There is good balance in the Bon Homme line-up with Collin Adams and Joey Slama among others but the catalyst is their senior forward.

Spencer Weatherstone, Sisseton. The 6-foot-8 senior has lead his team to one loss this season and has recorded double-doubles in half of his games.  Recently had 21 and 13 in a win over Millbank.  At 6-foot-8 this is a curious senior prospect.

Donnie Yackley, White River.  White River is undefeated and 6-foot-1 guard Donnie Yackley is a big reason why.  He is headed to Dordt to play at the next level and he was named the MVP of the LNI Tournament last month.  Not a real under the radar guy but a guy that should be chatted on more as one of the state’s better players.