Posted On: 01/13/18 7:57 PM

In their second of possibly three battles this season, Warren Central took a 2-0 game advantage as they beat Lawrence North, 62-58.  Warren Central was led by Jakobie Robinson’s 16 points.  Lawrence North was led by sophomore Michael Saunders Jr. with 21 points.

Warren Central Stays Undefeated
We are more than halfway through the season and Warren Central still has yet to lose a game.  We will make the case later for just how good they are but looking back, they haven’t had an easy road. They are now 12-o and have big wins over Lawrence Central, HSE, Lawrence North twice, Ben Davis, and Cathedral.  That is a very impressive feat and not even taking into account other wins over teams like Pike twice and Chesterton.  Easily the best resume in the state.

Michael Saunders Has Big Game
While Lawrence North lost the game, the best part of it for them had to see Michael Saunders Jr. have a great stretch of offense.  He’s a lead guard and has the ball more than most on this team even though it is really balanced. Seeing him be able to score should give them a little more control of the offense, which is one of Lawrence North’s biggest problems. This was only peek but if it can become a real thing, that would probably help this group out a ton.

Jakobie Robinson, Jesse Bingham Give Warren Great Rebounding Presence
Early on, Lawrence North was getting killed on the defensive glass. Warren Central wings Jakobie Robinson and Jesse Bingham were really all over the place. Bingham had three offensive rebounds in the first half alone. Robinson was doing well on both ends of the floor.  There guys, when they are active, with this length, makes it really difficult for smaller defenders to do much.  They have an advantage every time they step on the floor.

Lawrence North Still Searching For Identity
As we have talked about for about the entire season, Lawrence North is still searching for their identity. There is now denying they have talent but the lack of leadership and players buying in is evident.  Their talent takes them long way, because they have more than anyone else. But the question I continually walk away with is, “What is this team?”  Still don’t have answer and until I or they do, hard to buy in on them.

Warren Central Is Best Team In The State
This week has proven one thing, Warren Central is the best team in the state. No matter what happens on Monday against Ben Davis, it is hard to find anyone that has the resume of wins that Warren Central does. They have been tested more than anyone and have not lost to this point.  They also have the pieces to matchup with nearly every school they might face in the playoffs.  There only problem is their Sectional but still, they will be the best team in it.