Five Takeaways: Center Grove vs. Indian Creek

High School

Posted On: 01/13/18 6:46 PM

This was a game that Indian Creek had in control for most of the game. Center Grove looked lost for almost the entire game, with only Joey Klaasen having an impact early on. However, Center Grove’s enormous talent started to pick up in the later fourth quarter and they were able to swing it into overtime where they all stepped up to win, 67-59.  Jared DeHart led Indian Creek with 26 points. Joey Klaasen led Center Grove with 20 points.

Center Grove Lucky To Escape
This wasn’t a game that Center Grove deserved to win. They were not very good until the last quarter and into overtime and even then they were just okay. Now this is with the thought being that they are a team that could compete for a State Title.  They got stuck in the first half trying to just shoot threes and that really hurt them because none were falling.  This is hopefully a wakeup call before the game tonight because they just got by.

Indian Creek Showed Toughness
From the jump, the thing that stood out more than anything else in this one was Indian Creek’s toughness. They were not nearly as talented as Center Grove but they just beat them down all game, out rebounding and toughing them. Not to mention, they were hitting some big shots away from the rim.  Having not seen them in other games, if this is how they play the rest of the year, they will be a team that can steal wins because if was as fun of competitive energy as we have seen all year.

Jared DeHart Proving His Talent
DeHart falls into a place where I have seen him plenty but he’s never been a guy I have been able to see play extremely well, haven’t seen his ceiling. That ended today as he was outstanding from opening tip to closing minute. He was aggressive, tough, and showed more athleticism and shot-making ability than I thought he had in him.  He’s a Bethel College commit and now, after this game, it is easy to see what his role will be at the next level.

Center Grove’s Guards Will Need To Get Locked In, Quick
In the two games I have seen from Center Grove this year, their guards have been okay but not great by any stretch. This was a terrible game for them. Spencer Piercefield, Ben Nicoson, and Ben Greller make up what should be a great backcourt combination. However, that wasn’t what you saw today. While Trayce Jackson-Davis is a stellar talent, what makes Center Grove a team that can compete at the highest level is their guards. Their schedule doesn’t get easier so they have to pick it up, quick.

Joey Klaasen’s Stock Is Improving
Center Grove’s Joey Klaasen has been a player that I have liked for a while but figuring out a role for him at the next level was a little tough. In this game, that became a little more clear. He was 9/9 from the field and led Center Grove with 20 points. He was great in the lane, and so tough and efficient.  He’s a little undersized for an interior player but he’s quicker and more skilled than most that would face him. If he can add strength and learn to defend more post players, he could find a role as 3/4 at the next level.