Fast Risers: St. Pete-Gibbs J.V.

High School

Posted On: 01/23/18 12:22 PM

Last week, I had an opportunity to take a trip to Pinellas Park to visit the hometown Patriots vs. St. Pete-Gibbs. Got their pretty early, so figured, “why not check out the future?” Here’s a look at five Gibbs JV players who could make a splash on the varsity scene, when their time comes.

E. Drayton: This guy was the best player on the floor, for either team. He notched 16 points in the win over P-Park, including three treys. His midrange game is pretty nice. Drayton proved that he can create his own shot, when given the freedom. Only went 3-of-7 from the line, but he has plenty of time to get that right.

G. Hutchinson: Another marksman from three, Hutchinson proved he can grow into an elite spot-up shooter, as he ages. He went 3-of-3 from beyond the arc—including two triples in the fourth to help the score gap, grow. It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of him as he grows and puts on some weight.

D. Parsons: This is a guy who just competed, non stop. He tallied nine points on the night, seven of them coming in the second half. All of his points came through the midrange jumper, or a tough layup. If Gibbs can keep grooming him, they may have a great player on their hands when his moment is called upon.

C. Grant: A long-bodied guy who can really sprint the floor, Grant proved his reliability as he made it tough for offensive threats to finish during the lay-in. His length is going to continue to make it hard for teams, especially as he gets older. Grant’s poised in the paint. He dropped in a couple buckets while being clouded in that area.