Evaluations: Warren Central vs. Hamilton Southeastern

High School

Posted On: 01/16/18 5:36 PM

HSE and Warren Central was the place to be as Warren Central used some late game heroics by David Bell to seal the win. It was back and forth the entire game as HSE made a run at the end to take the lead but a David Bell jumper gave them the win. Warren Central came out with a 60-56 win on the road.

Hamilton Southeastern

Chaz Birchfield | 2018 | 6’5 SF

Birchfield played a near flawless game. He was attacking the rim and making shots. He is a lanky wing and isn’t afraid to mix it up inside. In a game where HSE struggled with turnovers, Birchfield didn’t have any. This was a step in the right direction and he can really evolve with this game gaining some confidence. – 10 points, 2 assists

Aaron Etherington | 2019 | 6’6 SF

This really wasn’t one of Etherington’s best games as he struggled a bit to find his shot. He hit a huge three late in the game to cut it to a one possession game. Struggled a bit with foul trouble 2but also stole the ball three times. A game that could have been better for him with the matchup he had. – 5 points, 3 steals

Noah Smith | 2019 | 6’2 PG

Smith was the guy who really sparked HSE. He shot the ball really well, something he has been working on and it showed tonight. Smith played well, besides a few turnovers early in the game. He was seeing the floor well and was really good with the ball in his hands. – 16 points, 3 assists

Mabor Majak | 2020 | 7’1 C

Majak is a tall, lanky sophomore who is already pretty comfortable in his body. He struggled a bit with fouls tonight but still was able to make an impact on the game.  Majak’s fouls didn’t happen due to him hacking but him just being bigger than everyone else. Majak is a HM player who is still getting better with age. – 5 points, 5 rebounds

Warren Central

Antwaan Cushingberry | 2018 | 5’8 PG

Cushingberry struggled in this game but he really was able to dictate the offense for Lawrence North and make really good plays. His passing was crisp but struggled shooting the ball. He looks like a high major player at time but other times he just doesn’t look that good. Today was one of those days. – 2 points, 5 assists


Joe Rush | 2018 | 6’ SG

This was one of the better games I have seen from Rush. Usually a guy that gets stuck back in the rotation, Rush came off the bench and played so well, he continued to be thrown in there. Rush is able to score at all three levels and he also is able to pass the ball and play good defense when needed. A small school flier that could make an impact. – 13 points, 3 steals, 2 assists

David Bell | 2019 | 6’3 SF

Bell is proving to everyone that he is a high-level basketball player as well as football. He had 24 points in this game and he also scored in every way imaginable. He can get to the rim really well and he can also hit the mid-range jumper. Bell is continuing to be the go to guy for this team as they tear through their schedule. – 24 points

Jakobie Robinson | 2019 | 6’5 PF

Robinson looked really good in this one hitting a few deep balls and getting to the rim. He was able to score pretty well even with the height inside of HSE. A guy who will really explode over the next year as he is now stretching his game out to the perimeter. – 13 points, 4 rebounds

Jesse Bingham | 2019 | 6’6 SF

Bingham struggled a little in this one but overall played decent. He never really got going but made a few baskets here and there. He struggled with the height of HSE but he was long enough he still should have made a bigger impact. A decent off game for Bingham. – 8 points