Evaluations: Roncalli vs. Ritter

High School

Posted On: 01/27/18 11:07 PM

Roncalli got out to a quick start leading Ritter 18-2 before Ritter got rolling. Ritter scored 10 straight and kept it close at the half trailing 31-23. Ritter would make runs in the second half but Roncalli would always pull back away never losing the lead and taking the win, 50-46.


Jack Hegwood | 6’5 SF | 2018

Hegwood was pretty decent in the game but struggled to find his shot early on. I would have liked to of seen him be more aggressive with driving to the basket but he never really tried to go at the rim. Most of his baskets were in the transition but he does finish really well inside. – 9 points

Kellen Schreiber | 6’5 SF | 2018

Schreiber really struggled in this one. He wasn’t the worst player in the game but he wasn’t very good. Didn’t score much in the game and had three turnovers early in the first half and got put on the bench. He’s a tall kid who can play a few different positions, he just played really bad in this one. He is a solid rebounder from the wing spot. – 6 points, 8 rebounds

Bryson Meek | 6’3 SG | 2018

Meek is a tall well-built shooting guard who can really shoot the ball and finish at the rim. He is a guy that will do everything right and can score the ball when asked. Meek shot the ball well and is much more athletic than he looks. A guy who knows the game really well and could do really well at the D3 or NAIA level. – 6 points, 3 assists

Reese McGinsie | 6′ PG | 2018

McGinsie is a capable ball handler and can shoot the ball really well. He came off the bench and was really solid with keeping the offense moving and shooting the ball. He has some deep range and that was on full display in this one. A solid combo guard off the bench. – 10 points


Miles Tracy | 6’6 PF | 2018

Tracy is a big wing who can pretty much defend every spot on the floor. His length and athleticism are tough to defend and he uses it very well on defense. He isn’t great offensively but he can run with the ball well in transition. A solid D3/NAIA pickup who will get better in college. – 12 points, 9 rebounds

Shelby Turner | 6′ PG | 2018

Turner is a tough lead guard who has the ability to shoot the ball but was best at setting his teammates up for easy baskets in this one. He looked very comfortable with the ball and getting to the rim. A guy who could fly under radars. – 6 points, 2 assists

Nate Soltis | 6’5 PF | 2019

Soltis was the most impressive player I saw in the three games. He is a guy who can play either the 3 or 4 spot on the floor He’s a big body, but a strong one. Soltis will really be able to contribute early at the next level and is poised to have a breakout year this summer and jump onto NAIA radars. He’s a guy who finishes really well at the rim. – 14 points, 6 rebounds