Evaluations: Greenfield-Central vs. Pendleton Heights

High School

Posted On: 01/28/18 1:33 AM

Greenfield-Central struggled to find offense in this one until the very end where they made a run. Both teams were struggling to hit jumpers and had to find other ways to score the ball. Greenfield-Central became a little stagnant and Pendleton Heights capitalized early and often to take the win, 62-51.


Brian Long | 6’7 C | 2018

Long is a big bodied center who is starting to get better using his body as he fills out. He has a few post moves that he can use but will need to learn to finish better. The skills are there he is just a little raw right now. Will be a solid D3 post player though as he is talented enough to play now. – 6 points, 7 rebounds

Will O’Connor | 6’5 SF | 2018

O’Connor gets better every time I see him play. While he isn’t a knock down shoot from deep, his mid-range jumper is potent. He hit a lot of pull-up jumpers on the drive tonight and was good controlling the game. A high floor, low ceiling type of player as he is just so thin. – 16 points, 6 rebounds

Matt Turner | 6’2 SG | 2018

Turner looked really solid in this game since his jumper was on fire. He was able to easily get open shots because the defense wasn’t respecting him and he knocked more of them down. He made three three-pointers and was really impressive shooting and driving the ball. – 19 points, 4 rebounds

Pendleton Heights

Justin Shupe | 6’1 PG | 2018

Shupe was really impressive with the way he can get to the rim and score but also how he commands the offense. Shupe didn’t get credit for any assists but is a solid passer. He is a guy who is overlooked but could run a small school’s offense. A good game from Shupe. – 14 points

Trent Miller | 6’2 SG | 2018

Miller is probably the team’s best scorer but he really struggled in the game shooting the ball. He looked like his was rushing his shot a bit and just couldn’t get anything to go. He was able to run the floor and he spaced well setting up teammates but I would have liked to see him take it to the basket more. – 8 points

Eli Pancol | 6’4 SF | 2019

Pancol scored a career high just days after receiving an offer from Purdue for football. Pancol struggles shooting the ball but is a really good rebounder and scored a ton of points off of offensive putbacks. He is a good defender and super athletic as well. Football looked to be his sport though. – 21 points, 8 rebounds