Buchholz v. Suwannee: The Five Standouts

High School

Posted On: 01/12/18 8:07 AM

The Buchholz Bobcats have been up and down, this season. Coming into their home bout with Live Oak-Suwannee on Thursday night, the ‘Cats entered clinging to a 4-9 record on the season. Consistency has been tough to keep going, but they found success with their shot from beyond-the-arc, hitting a smooth 13 total threes. Buchholz won 60-44 to improve to 5-9. Suwannee fell to 1-10. Here are the five who made noise.

Gunner Munn – Buchholz: The junior guard had the the flu earlier this week. 103 degree fever. Extra fatigued. But last night, he seemed like his old self. Munn opened the first quarter with three triples, ended the game with six made total, and 18 points. Offensively, it’s like he was at full-strength, again. But the way he battled for defensive rebounds, the way he lunged to deflect balls, how often he was seen looking for the right pass before taking the shot.. it showed me his best game of the season.

Trent Whittemore – Buchholz: Trent is without question their most aggressive driver when it comes to getting into the paint. Although, if that corner-trey is there for the taking, Trent won’t hesitate. He combined both on Thursday, exploding in the second quarter for 15 points. It was here where Suwannee didn’t seem like they could keep up. He was doing his will.

Cam Tener – Buchholz: Cam is a quiet one. On the court, his energy speaks more than he. But on Thursday night, Cam put up an under-the-radar 13 points by hitting three treys of his own and going 4-of-5 from the Stripe. He was the one that started the first quarter hot along with Gunner, notching eight points in the period. Cam can be a solid in a “spot-up shooter” role somewhere, if he continues to want to grow.

Jarett Gardner – Suwannee: Though his team was down the entire game, I never once saw him take a play off. I wish his energy was more infectious, but others have to WANT to affected by something like that. Gardner’s a tough rebounder, the way he fights made me feel like his favorite player could be Tristan Thompson. Gardner’s their top-two tallest guy, but he can stretch to that corner-three spot and get you a bucket. He finished with eight points. On the shot-blocking tip, Gardner can garner at least two a night, I’m sure.

Dequan Johnson – Suwannee: The 6’3” senior guard scored nine of his 12 points in the second half, including seven in the fourth. Took a little while to get going, but once he turned it on, he was hard to ignore. From the top of the key, he’s cash. From the winged-three spot, even if he’s contested, he’s capable of a bucket. In transition, just solid awareness. Even if the pass is considered “late”, Johnson is able to get his feet right and score. Hope to hear about his improvement over time.