Best Available: 2018 Small Forwards

High School

Posted On: 01/30/18 7:39 PM

We spent some time today going through the latest commitments and then through those still on the board. With just over a month left until the season is over, things are starting to get tight with regards to recruiting. Today, we have our best available lists coming out. We start with the 2018’s best small forwards.

First Last Name HT POS High School Grassroots
Kevin Easley 6’6 SF Lawrence North UA G3 Grind 2018
James Burns 6’5 SF Lafayette Jeff IE Central 2018
Donald Lee 6’5 SF North Central Gary Harris Elite 2018
Donyell Meredith 6’4 SF Lawrence Central All 4 Him 2018-Bonds
Chaz Birchfield 6’5 SF Hamilton Southeastern Men of the Family
Marlon Taylor 6’5 SF South Bend Riley Spiece Indy Heat Red 2018
Yuri Swinford 6’5 SF Horizon Christian (FW) IE Green 2018
Marquavious Beverly 6’5 SF Anderson IE Orange 2018
Jake Dye 6’6 SF Griffith IE Region 2018
Rylan Grundy 6’4 SF South Bend Riley MBA Select 2018
Rilee Epley 6’4 SF Evansville Day Pocket City Basketball 2018
Kellen Schreiber 6’4 SF Indianapolis Roncalli IE SIDE 2018
Jaylon Holmes 6’5 SF Merrillville A2P 2018
Christian Wells 6’4 SF Muncie Central Team Harris 2018
Jayden Edwards 6’3 SF Cathedral Indiana Legends 2018
David Arens 6’5 SF Oak Hill GP Premier 2018-Devoe
Lathan Falls 6’4 SF Wood Memorial Pocket City Basketball 2018
Preston Scott 6’3 SF Lapel GP Select 2018
Will O’Conner 6’5 SF Greenfield-Central GP Premier 2018-Devoe
Jordan Reinholt 6’4 SF Rochester GP Premier 2018-Devoe
Braydin Myers 6’4 SF Shenandoah IE Trojans 2018
Savion Southers 6’3 SF New Albany N/A
Noah Mahoney 6’4 SF Chesterton IE Region 2018
Joey Klaasen 6’4 SF Center Grove Indiana Elite Force 2018
Tyreese Cobb 6’3 SF Marion Indy DI 2018
Xavier Hines 6’3 SF Noblesville Northside Spartans 2018
Noham Kibron 6’4 SF Broad Ripple N/A
Jackson Moulton 6’4 SF Lawrence North TRUTH 2018
David Howard 6’5 SF University N/A
Chayton Howard 6’5 SF Edgewood Southern Indiana Select 2018
Akuei Mading 6’5 SF International IE Orange 2018
Brandon Robinson 6’3 SF East Noble Gym Rats 2018-Black
Zach Lattimer 6’3 SF Mishawaka Marian MBA Select 2018
Joshua Tufts 6’3 SF Liberty Christian N/A