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Posted On: 01/23/18 12:58 PM

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The 6A basketball season is almost over and there have been few surprises as far as who the top players have been for this division. With that said, Jalen Graham and Khalid Price have emerged as potential candidates for Mr. Basketball due to their strong play and the strong start from Mountain Pointe. There is still plenty of time for shifts to be made. However, here are our top 13 prospects for Mr. Basketball at this time.

Top 5 Mr. Basketball Candidates

Nico Mannion Pinnacle Mr. Basketball Candidate

Nico Mannion 6’2 PG 2020 Pinnacle

Mannion missed the beginning of the season. Needless to say, his presence was sorely missed. Since his return, Pinnacle has been one of the top teams in the state and has played at a high level. At to it, Trent Brown is finally back in the line-up and it is clear to see why Pinnacle is one of the favorites to win it in 6A.

Mannion brings athleticism and a great feel for the game to the table. He is a consistent shooter who is more athletic than most give him credit for. Further, he has great change of pace and direction. His ability to get by the 1st defender and make reads at the next level is second to none in the state.

Wesley Harris 6’6 SF/PF 2018 Desert Vista

Harris is the engine that makes the car go. His ability to make impact plays and win 50/50 balls makes him a huge asset to this team. In addition, he finishes well around the rim and has improved his skill-set significantly. While Desert Vista has multiple pieces that can be credited for the team’s success, Harris’ toughness and workhorse mentality have been key factors in the strong season that Desert Vista has had.

Jalen Graham 6’9 PF/C 2019 Mountain Pointe

Mountain Pointe has been loaded with talent the last couple of years. However, they have been unable to piece it together and have the type of seasons they were capable of. That is not the case this season as they are playing at a high level and are certainly in the conversation as a team who could win the state title.

Graham has been a huge part of that due to his skill set and athleticism. He is solid around the rim and his athleticism enables him to track lob passes that most players cannot get. Further, he protects the paint well and is capable of being a stout defender on the ball and in help side. Graham has protected the paint quite well while averaging 4 blocks per game and cleaning up the glass.

Jaxson Baker 6’6 SG/SF 2018 Brophy (Arkansas State)

Brophy is having an incredible season thanks in large part to its discipline and skilled players. This group rarely makes mistakes and plays with an unselfish mentality that is rare to find in high school sports. Further, they have a number of players who are capable of shooting it at a high level from deep.

Baker, an Arkansas State commit, is one of those knockdown shooters. He is long and crafty in addition to being a consistent threat from the perimeter. His ability to impact the game in an array of ways has been a game changer for Brophy. While this team has a lot of depth and a number of players who can make an impact, there is no question that Baker is the guy to go for this group.

Timmy Allen 6’7 SF 2018 Red Mountain (Utah)

Red Mountain has had a strong year while being led by Allen and Dre Harris. Between Allen and Harris, this group has multiple strong and big bodies who can enforce their will upon opposing teams.

Allen is a scoring threat from multiple spots on the court. His versatility makes him a match-up night mare for opposing teams. Further, he is a consistent shooter from deep who is not afraid to pull it. His skill set and toughness enable him to also bully players on the block and finish around the rim. Allen is one of the best prospects without a doubt at the 6A level.

Other Mr. Basketball Candidates

Rashad Smith Hamilton Mr. Basketball Candidate Image c/o AZ Central
Rashad Smith Hamilton Mr. Basketball Candidate Image c/o AZ Central

Rashad Smith 6’4 PG 2018 Hamilton

Khalid Price 5’9 PG 2019 Mountain Pointe

Tyrek Chambers 5’8 PG 2019 Desert Vista

D’Maurian Williams 6’4 PG 2019 Westview

TJ Connaker 5’11 PG 2018 Sandra Day O’Conner

Dre Harris 6’7 SF/PF 2019 Red Mountain

Gabe Zdrale 6’6 SF 2018 Horizon

Mark Hatch 6’0 PG 2018 Mesa