5 Takeaways: Carmel vs. Brownsburg

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Posted On: 01/21/18 7:18 PM

Carmel made shots on top of shots in an easy win at Brownsburg, 62-32. They played tough and their defense was impenetrable. Carmel was without two of their best players but now have the services of Eddie Gill Jr. again as he was out for most of the season with an injury. Gill provided a big spark on the night with his defense. John Michael-Mulloy led all players with 22 points.

This is the Carmel that we thought we would see

Even though Carmel has a few injuries still with Andrew Owens and Jalen Whack out, Eddie Gill Jr. recently came back and that has brought another dimension on the offense to their team. Carmel has struggled shooting the ball this year but tonight they were clicking on all cylinders. They were 18/31 from the floor including 9/14 from deep. If they can shoot it like this the rest of the year, they can play with anyone.

Brownsburg was 13-2 coming into the game, what happened?

Brownsburg just couldn’t make any shots. They weren’t taking bad ones per say, they just were unable to make any of their open looks. When you shoot 11/42 from the field, you aren’t going to win many games. The struggled against the defense of Carmel since they were unable to turn the corner. Brownsburg isn’t a team that will score a ton so how they bounce back will be key.

John Michael-Mulloy continues to get better, but to play at Butler he’s going to have to take a leap

Being 6’9, Michael-Mulloy should be able to dominate the guys that guard him. He hasn’t really been doing so but tonight was a step better than what I have seen in the past. He was consistent although he still doesn’t have the ability to back guys down as he is attempting to stretch his game out a bit. He scored 22 points on 7/13 shooting. This is the stat line that he should be having against teams with no inside guys. He still needs to get the ball and be able to dominate when he wants.

Brownsburg’s schedule doesn’t get any easier from here on out

I figured Brownsburg would continue to play well and win this game, but obviously I was wrong. They got in each other’s heads and just quit in the second half. They missed a ton of open shots and just played uncharacteristic basketball. They are in the midst of a rough stretch as they are going to have some tough games to finish the year. Zionsville and Terre Haute South are on the slate for next week and well as Silver Creek and HSE down the road. The way they finish will tell us a lot.

Carmel can see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally

Carmel still has a few tough games left but they are starting to get a little healthier but are still without two of their top six players. They have Ben Davis next, which has been proved if you can stop Aaron Henry, you can win. Then with games against New Castle and Lawrence North followed by HSE they could win all three of those. Then they have a break with Tech, Warsaw, and Carroll. Carmel is struggle this year, but this game was a bit of a momentum boost.