3A Mr. Basketball Candidates


Posted On: 01/29/18 11:48 AM

While it is a lower classification, 3A has plenty of talented prospects who are deserving of consideration for the Mr. Basketball award. As the state tournament looms right around the corner, here are the top prospects for the 3A Mr. Basketball candidates.

Feature Image: Mason Berges Blue Ridge Image provided by White Mountain Independent

3A Mr. Basketball Candidates

Robert Burries 5’11 PG 2019 Globe

Robert Burries
Robert Burries Globe Mr. Basketball

Burries is without a doubt the most dominant player in 3A. His ability to score the basketball has been well documented. However, while he is in contention for the award, it would take Globe winning the state title in order for that to happen. Burries will make noise in the state tournament and anything can happen when a team has a capable scorer like him in a one and done format.

Mason Berges 6’3 SF 2018 Blue Ridge

Burges is the most likely candidate from 3A to win this particular award. He is a walking double-double and has had an outstanding season. His ability to score the basketball at a high level and create opportunities on the glass makes him really solid. Blue Ridge is the current favorite to win the 3A state title as they have a lot of talent and weapons. If they claim the title, Burges will be the representative from this group.

Ricardo Villanueva 6’0 SF 2018 Winslow

Winslow is a legitimate contender for the state title and Villanueva does it all for the group. He leads the team in points, assists, and steals while coming in 2nd in rebounding. He plays the game with a lot of passion, energy, and toughness. Due to his ability to impact the game in so many ways, Winslow is a tough out in the state tournament.

Nick Tucker 6’1 PG/SG 2019 Florence

Despite only being 6’1, Tucker is a monster on the glass and can score the basketball from an array of spots. While he is a capable shooter from deep, he prefers to put the basketball on the floor and attack the rim. In addition to Tucker, Florence has a couple of other really skilled prospects who will aid them in making a deep run in the state tournament. This group is skilled and Tucker will look to continue to lead the way.

Andrew Augustine 6’0 PG/SG 2018 Northwest Christian

While there are a number of knockdown shooters in 3A, Augustine is certainly in the conversation as being one of the most elite shooters. At times it appears to be a lost art in high school basketball, but Augustine is a proficient shooter when coming off of screens. His ability to impact the game without having to have the basketball in his hands for the entire possession is impressive. Further, he moves extremely well without the basketball and makes great reads. Augustine will play a huge role in whatever run Northwest Christian makes in the state tournament this upcoming season.

Other 3A Mr. Basketball Candidates

Austin Ponesness 6’3 SF 2019 Casteel

Dainain Bittsinnie 5’9 SG/SF 2020 Page

Garrett Wood 6’5 PF/C 2018 Snowflake

Jack Plouk 5’9 PG 2018 Empire

Adam Gomez 6’4 PF 2018 Empire

Collin Thompson 6’2 PF 2020 Safford

Jalen Grijalva 6’0 PG 2019 Valley Christian