Recruiting Report: Jace Davidson (2019)


Posted On: 01/25/18 5:00 AM

Although he’s one of the state’s best small school point guards, it seems Pocahontas Area junior Jace Davidson is leaning towards playing baseball at the next level.

But the 6-foot-2 floor-general has plenty of time to make that decision.

“Right now, I’m starting to lean towards baseball, but I’m not leaving any basketball options closed yet. I’ve got a lot of schools texting me and asking how things are going and stuff, so I’m leaving all options open right now,” said Davidson.

Augustana and Iowa Central have been after him for basketball. Upper Iowa, Grand View, Briar Cliff and Augustana have been recruiting him for baseball.

“I’ve always loved baseball, it was my number one. Then basketball came around a few years ago and I really fell in love with that. I think I’m good at both, and I think I could play both, if that was the case.”

For now, he’s focused on his junior season on the hardwood with the Indians. And he says his jumper and ball-handling are points of emphasis for him right now.

“I just really focused on my jump-shot again, it improved over the summer and I really wanted to focus on that on the regular season as well,” said Davidson. “Also, my ball-handling, I thought it got a lot better during the summer, and I thought it really showed during the regular season as well.”

Davidson’s Indians are 8-6 this season, and he’s putting together a fantastic junior campaign, going for 19.9 points and 4.5 assists per game.

“Our big thing this year is everyone knowing their role. And I was voted a team captain this year and my role was to be a leader but also be able to score the basketball and if things aren’t going well for me offensively, I just need to get my teammates the ball,” said Davidson.

“A goal for me is all-state, and team-wise, we want a conference championship. And even though we’re young, I think we can make a run when it comes to districts.”

As for his summer plans. His decision is not 100 percent made yet, but he might just stick to the diamond rather than try and squeeze a bust grassroots schedule in. He’s played with All Iowa Attack in the past.

“I’m not sure yet because of baseball. I really feel like I let those (Attack) guys down last season. I wasn’t able to make the last few tournaments and practices,” said Davidson. “But, I’ll make my decision soon on if I’ll play or not.”