Posted On: 01/25/18 11:51 PM

The class of 2021 in Northern California has potential to be a loaded class with freshmen like Mike Mitchell, Taj Phillips, Jarin Edwards, Houston Mallette and more. Despite these players performing at a high level for elite high school programs, there are other freshmen that are climbing up the charts as well. Below are some of the players in the 2021 class that are raising their stock.

Isaac Montgomery – Vanden HS 5’8′

Montgomery was in and out of the starting lineup during preseason and is now coming off the bench for the Vikings. With Senior guard Aaron Porcil having a great year, Montgomery’s production may have to wait another year but he has done a good job playing his role. He defends well, and is very strong for his size. Montgomery could be the next Nate Robinson with his size, and ability to get over the rim.

Jeremiah Jones – Wood HS 5’10’

Jones plays the game like a senior, and controls the tempo for Wood. He handles the ball well with both hands, and can also shoot from the outside. Jones has potential to be one of the top players in Nor-Cal.

Brock Bowers – Napa HS 6’3′

Bowers may be one of the most intriguing players in the 2021 class. He doesn’t do anything fancy but he plays extremely hard. As his offensive game develops, he may have potential to be a division 1 player with the motor he has.

Juwelle Jack – Vallejo HS 5’9′

Jack will be a major part of Vallejo High School regaining consistency with making the postseason. He has a descent shot from the outside, attacks the rim well, and can finish with both hands.

Damien Insixengmay – Pinole Valley HS 5’7′

Insixengmay plays hard and shoots it well from the outside. He is showing that he can potentially be a floor general, and a good on-ball defender. His court vision could be better but through time he can easily improve in that area.