Posted On: 01/23/18 2:53 PM

The season is in full swing and we just got done updating our 2021 Prospect Rankings. Today, we are diving into a few of those players that just jumped up in our rankings.  Here are some of those guys.
Blake Sisley – 6’7 | PF | 2021 | Heritage Hills (IN)
Sisley is a guy we saw during our PHI Freshman Showcase and he was really intriguing.  He’s a legit 6’7 with mobility and can play out on the wing. With a lot of these post/forwards when they are younger, you are looking at their ability to produce. Most won’t even see the floor and that is hard to judge but once they do get not he floor, can they do anything with it. So far this season, Sisley has done just that.  He’s got a lot of skill and face-up ability and it is working for him with Heritage Hills.
Gus Etchison – 5’11 | PG | 2021 | Hamilton Heights (IN)
We loved Etchison during the fall but seeing how he would play against a higher level of competition, not his own age group, was helpful because he was doing it at a high level against a higher level.  He’s more athletic than he looks and has a really good motor. A lot of it will be if you can reel him in a bit which I tend to look at as a good problem to have for a younger player.
Lane Sparks – 5’11 | PG | 2021 | Greensburg (IN)
You will get the Bryant McIntosh comp with him a lot because he goes to Greensburg and is a guard but the reason I do like the comp is how similar he is with regards to his toughness and playmaking ability. He’s a grinder and so active for his age. Pair that with his ability to make shots from all three levels and he is going to be a high level producer in the state over his four years and be the go-to leader for Greensburg here pretty quickly.
Douglas Koznieczny Jr. – 6’5 | SF | 2021 | South Bend St. Joseph (IN)
Just getting another look at JR was big this past week as he’s the kind of kid you know is going to have the upside to be a big time prospect. To what level he ends up, that is a bit too early to tell. However, he’s really talented and skilled for his size at 6’5 and he’s going to keep growing. I think he could get to 6’7+ and already possesses a big time perimeter jumper. The release is solid and with his length and size, he’s going to be tough to stop.  He’s still pretty thin and will need to fill out the frame but has a chance to be a top player in the class.