2020 Class Projections: Midseason

High School

Posted On: 01/29/18 2:24 PM

One part of our new updated 2020 Prospect Rankings is that we are going to take a look at how the class as a whole is developing and things to look at moving forward with this group. This is built to be more of a general outlook rather than specific players.

Top End Of Class Starting To Separate Itself
As we have stated many times, this isn’t the best class Indiana has seen but over the course of the high school season so far, we have seen quite a few players start to join the upper tier of players and while the high-end is still not great, there are more players that have improved. Looking at the list of 2020, the top 20 players could all have that chance to earn that Division I interest during the summer. There are even some guys with enough upside outside the top 20 to do that as well. Really like the upside of guys like Anthony Scales, Sam Comer, and Raymond Terry. Will need a lot more of them to improve to make this class that as talented as 2019 or 2021 but this is getting better.

More Talent Developing In Marion County Area
This class is very similar to 2018 in so many ways but the one it differs is that it doesn’t have as many Indianapolis area players near the top. However, those that have made big jumps in this set of rankings are from the Marion County area. Guys like Chris Grubbs, Tony Perkins, D’Andre Davis, and Nijel Pack have all made some of the best jumps in this set of rankings. Grubbs only one spot but is now my #3 player while Tony Perkins and Nijel Pack have separated themselves from others at their same position. Even down the list, you have guys like Malek Edmonds, Sincere McMahon, and Alex Szilagyi taking some of the bigger jumps.

Point Guards Hold Court As Deepest Position
Really not much has changed as the best position of depth in 2020 as Point Guards have the most talent. At the top, you have Michael Saunders, Tayson Parker, Brevin Jefferson, Hunter Jackson, and Nijel Pack who are all DI level talent. The Top 5 of the position is the only one in 2020 that can boast that. Where it gets really interesting is the next group of five with some high-upside guys that could make moves with a good AAU season. Sincere McMahon, Edreece Redmond, Brandon Bell, Grant Taueg, and Rickie Wedlow are all having good season with their high school teams and could use that to solidify their positions and maybe make that jump into the top 5 of point guards soon.

No Post Players To Speak Of
Outside of Mabor Majak, Kiyron Powell, and Raymond Terry, not sure there is another sure-fire DI prospect in this group. When looking at the two classes around them, 2019 and 2021, they can’t hold a candle to those groups. Majak has elite upside but looking down the list, not sure I see another group of players that could join the top three. Now, with that being said, I do like the small school players that have some talent. Noah Hupmann is a legit 6’10, Matt Jones has a lot of skill for his size, and Charlie Peterson can spread the floor. Need more of everything but not sure we see it develop.