Posted On: 01/11/18 4:32 PM

Many talk about how strong certain classes are but the class of 2020 is maybe one the strongest classes we’ve had in a long time. It’s a unique group as they have so many players who have the talent to play at the next level and with their continued hard work and dedication towards their craft after these two years are up, the sky’s the limit. In this article, Prep Hoops shines some light on a special group of student athletes around Colorado, state what makes them stand out in their respective class and also has some updates on how their season’s going so far, here’s Part I.

Ty Foster 6’3 PG,SG (Lincoln)

Foster’s highly regarded as the best sophomore in the state and has already stepped up and became the leader for the Lancers since his freshmen year. Right now he’s leading the team in scoring putting up 16.5 points per game but also has 4 rebounds and 3.4 coming out of the holiday break. Ty’s pace makes it difficult for teams to keep up with him as he makes team adjust on the fly. He’s also one of most athletic young players in the state as he’s able to use is size to go over smaller defenders or speed to go around them. If he improves on his shooting he could become one of the states all around best players and the best part is, he still has time to do it. Although the Lancers currently have an 3-6 record for the the season, Foster has made strides that and looks ready to turn the season around.

Jaden Gale 6’6 PG,SG (Smoky Hill)

Jaden has the potential to be one of the state’s best combo players in the state heading into his senior year. His 6’6 stature separates him from most players his age and already has him a leg up on competition. He recently transferred from Rangeview to Smoky which has him ineligible to play this season but with how Smoky is set up for the future, the Buffalos are already a team people are going to need to worry about .His ability to get to the rim as well as shoot it from deep already has him at an offensive advantage over just about anybody in has class. He’ll be a player that plenty of D1 teams should be looking after and a player you’ll have to see next year.


Kobe Sanders 6’0 PG (Chaparral)

Sanders is one of many special kids in this class and has the whole package. He shoots, handles and defends the ball really well and helps his team win in a variety of ways. He’s currently averaging 11.2 points, 4.3 assists and 1.7 steals a game this season for the Wolverines who are currently 8-2 and are a sure top 10 team in the state. Sanders scoring numbers combined with the fact that he’s shooting an efficient 52% from beyond the arc so far this season is phenomenal and a reason he stands out. He’s scoring when needed as well as controlling the team and that’s what you need from your star point guard. He’ll be a top-10 player in the state come senior year and might have the highest ceiling from any point guard in the state.

Isaiah Hayes 6’0 SG (Rangeview)

As far as the class of 2020 is concerned, Rangeview is the most loaded and has the most to look forward to. One of those standout players from this class is Isaiah who is now starting to come into his own. Although he’s only averaging 4.4 points in the five games he’s played in this season, he serves as an X-Factor for the Raiders and when he has it going they are a tough team to beat. This is a season that he can use to grow. He’ll get a feel for varsity and with extended time get acclimated to this pace. Isaiah is a tough player with the ability to contribute in many ways.

Keshaun Taylor 6’0 SG (Thomas Jefferson)

TJ is another team with a young and strong core that’ll surely be a team to be on the lookout for in a couple years. They currently sit at 7-4 on the season which is far ahead of where they were at this same time last year. There’s been loads of improvement and Keshaun is one of the biggest reasons why. At 6’0, he is a strong physical guard. He’s at his best when he’s being aggressive, he attacks the defense off the dribble and gets to the rim at will. One of the key parts of his game is his athleticism. He uses his body and has the ball handling skills to be a playmaker as well, you’re unsure if he’ll pass it to the open man or dunk it on your head. He’s averaging 5.9 points, 3.8 rebounds and 1.7 steals a game so it’s easy to see what makes him a standout player in this class.