Posted On: 01/9/18 6:02 PM

Ann Arbor is in a Golden Age of high school basketball and it doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.  Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline all have lofty goals this season, and judging by the month of December, rightfully so.  There is elite talent and highly skilled young players looking to take the reigns as the years pass.  We will look at 10 players who have distinguished themselves this season and have proven to be must see talent in 2018.  All 10 of these players can play basketball at the next level.

Brandon Wade (2018, G, Skyline)

The Duquesne commit is off to a red hot start to the season.  He’s proven to be one of the top 5 players in Michigan and has a realistic chance at winning Mr. Basketball.  Wade can score in bunches and is one of the top shooters statewide.  He has elite ball handling skills that allow him to get in the lane and finish at the rim, pull up for a mid range jumper, or hit a floater.

Drew Lowder (2019, PG, Pioneer)

Lowder is one of the top point guards in the state and when you watch him play, you can certainly see why.  There may not be a quicker first step in Michigan.  He can play with tempo and run the floor or set an offense and play halfcourt basketball.  Lowder can score at all three levels and keeps the ball on a string when he passes.

Jack Ammerman (2018, G, Skyline)

Ammerman is an exceptional shooter.  When he gets hot, he may be a top 10 shooter in Michigan.  Ammerman is a gutsy leader who leaves it all on the court.  He wills himself and his team to be the best they can be.  Ammerman is a High IQ player who has a keen understanding of the game.

Lewis Willis (2018, G, Huron)

Willis has been nothing short of exceptional so far this season.  He is moving up recruiting boards thanks to his hot start.  He’s a great shooter who has ball handling skills that allow him to play on or off the ball.  Willis is an elite defender who thrives playing team defense.

Avery Lewis (2018, F, Huron)

Lewis can do it all.  He’s a ballhawk when it comes off the rim, showing an ability to track the ball and grab rebounds.  Lewis is a dependable double digit scorer who finds buckets in multiple ways.  He can shoot, drive to the rim, or score on a put back.  Lewis is as tough as they come and his teammates follow his lead.

Ryan Wade (2019, G, Skyline)

Wade is probably the breakout player of the year in Ann Arbor so far.  Everyone has known for years that he had Division 1 college skills.  This season, he’s putting it on display.  Wade can score at all three levels and can handle the ball with the best.  He’s proving this season that he’s an elite defender as well.

Kasean Pryor (2020, SF, Pioneer)

Pryor’s addition to the Pioneer roster this season has proven to be huge.  At 6-7, he is a natural shooter who hunts for open looks from behind the arc.  Pryor creates a mismatch for opponents with his size and skill set.  He can shoot over opponents closing out on him.  Pryor is a natural fit alongside Lowder and the duo has Pioneer primed for a late season run.

LJ DeWolf (2018, G, Huron)

DeWolf is a beast on the defensive end.  In a conference loaded with guard talent, he draws a tough matchup every single game.  DeWolf is a shooter who isn’t limited by range.  He can get hot and drop 20 points before his opponent knows it.  DeWolf has good handles and can play either guard spot.

Christian Knox (2019, G, Skyline)

Knox can flat out shoot and that’s been known for a while.  This season, he is showing an ability to put the ball on the floor and finish at the basket.  Knox is a solid defender and the type of player who is willing to do whatever his team needs him to do to get the victory.

Devin Womack (2021, G, Huron)

Womack is making a statement this season.  He is proving that he should be considered among the top freshman in Michigan.  As a freshman, he is proving he can already score at the varsity level.  Womack is also becoming a stellar defensive player who can create turnovers.