10 BEST Flint Hill @ Maret

High School

Posted On: 01/3/18 3:23 PM

1-2-18. Maret HS.  3000 Cathedral Street, Washington, DC.

Maret Frogs 65 HS.  Flint Hill Huskies 55

I would like to thank Head Maret Coach Chuck Driesell & Maret HS for their great hospitality at their beautiful school last night. In a key  MAC contest Maret improved to 9-3 (1-0 MAC) after their victory over Flint Hill who fell to 6-4 (0-2 MAC). Maret’s 3 losses are by a combined 9 points & the Frogs are MAC tile contenders.this season.  This was the opening game in the very underrated MAC Conference for Maret & the 2nd MAC conference game for Flint Hill. Last season Maret won the MAC with 6’11” senior Luka Garza who is thriving at Iowa averaging 10.4 pppg & 6.6 rpg shooting close to 60% & leading the Hawkeyes in blocks with 21.  Maret will face Georgetown Day on 1-4-18 & then travel top 10 rated Georgetown Prep (6-2,0-0 IAC) on 1-6-18 in the IAC vs MAC Challenge  in  meeting between last seasons Conference champions. Flint Hill will play @ home vs 12-1  St. Andrews on 1-4-17 (10-1, 0-0 MAC) & vs Landon (3-4, 0-0 IAC) on 1-6-18 in the IAC vs MAC Challenge. The MAC & IAC are 2 fantastic conferences in the DC  DMV & rank just  behind the nations best WCAC as the 2nd & 3rd best conferences.  The remaining MAC vs IAC Challenge games are below:

Potomac School  @ St. Albans (4-4, 0-0 IAC) 1-6-17 @ 1:30pm

St. Stephen St. Agnes  (5-2, 0-0 IAC) @ St. Andrew School (10-1, 1-0 MAC)

Sidwell Friends (4-4, 1-0 MAC)  vs  Bullis (10-4, 0-0 IAC) @ 5pm

Episcopal (8-1, 0-0 IAC )  @ Georgetown Day (3-3, MAC)

Game MVP : Elijah Bowens (Maret)

Elijah Bowens, 5’11.5″ PG, 2018. Elijah played a superb game scoring 26 points & dishing out 4 plus assists. He excelled  on a high level on both sides of the ball. Elijah is a fantastic floor general & last night Elijah showed he can play in transition or in the the half court. Last evening Elijah did not get many breakaways, where he can utilize his great speed quickness & explosive acceleration. However, he scored from the mid range & attacked the rim in the half court where he dished or scored on with his  very crafty moves. Elijah drilled 2 beautiful 3s with his picture perfect jumper that is very soft with college 3 point range. He played very tough defense & had several steals. In the link below on 7-26-17 I wrote a recruiting Report for Elijah based on his play from last season & a few showcases after the season. At that time I reported Elijah is one of the most underrated PGs in the DC/MD for 2018. His stock is now higher & in fact Elijah has a grown a solid inch. Thru his hard work & dedication he has improved his game & deserves an updated Recruiting Report this month which will be done.


Best Offensive Player : Elijah Bowens (Maret)

This award goes to Elijah, but Qudus Wahab & EJ Jarvis deserve mention which can seen in their awards as Best Defender & Most Versatile Players. This season Elijah is averaging over  15 ppg, after a 12  ppg  last season. While a 3 point improvement  does not sound like a lot, Elijah is still a superb Pure PG who can score. However, when he does choose to get baskets, Elijah shoots at a very high % with great fundamentals from all 3 levels. Even in his rare misses his shots look good & are well within the Maret offense. Already a fantastic player last season & the summer, Elijah is better across the board this season.

Best Defender : Qudus Wahab  (Flint Hill)

Qudus WahabQudus Wahab, 6’11”, C/F 2019. Flint HS. This season Qudus is averaging 19 ppg & over 13 rbs with numerous blocks. Last night he scored 20 points & grabbed 8 plus rebounds, with several blocks. He is ranked in the top 63 range nationally by most services. Qudus is very, very  intelligent, has great timing & is an  excellent rim protector with his long wingspan. He is superb athlete & rim runner on both sides of the ball. Last night he displayed  an excellent offensive arsenal & Qudus has developed some fantastic low post moves. When he shoots his jump hook Qudus has full extension with great form. His 1st jump is very, very quick & his moves are compact & tight. Qudus scored on a beautiful 17 foot jumper where has a very high release & nice mechanics. Qudus has numerous D1 offers which include Clemson, VA Tech, Rutgers, Pitt, Seton Hall  & more, He is superb college prospect whose offer will be increasing. Being ranked in the top 65 nationally is a tremendous accomplishment, but Qudus still has more upside & his national ranking could go higher.

EJ JarvisMost Versatile : EJ Jarvis (Maret)

EJ Jarvis, 6’8.5″, F, 2019. At the end of last season & this fall EJ had to recover from bi lateral ankle sprains. Thankfully , EJ is now 100% & he is a splendid player. Last night EJ scored 19 points & grabbed 8 rebounds. He can break down his man off the dribble & score from all 3 levels. Although EJ did not connect from 3 last night he is more than capable with his nice shooting stroke. EJ’s IQ is off the chart in addition to his court vision & facilitation skills. He has great fundamentals on both sides of the ball is an excellent defender where EJ utilizes his great wingspan. Currently, EJ has offers from Columbia, Virginia Tech, Yale, GW & Penn which will grow in the near future. EJ has the potential to be one the best inside/out players not only in DC/MD but possibly greater.

Play of the Game : Pic Em.

Elijah Bowens converted a superb crossover step back baseline jumper where he froze his defenders & scored on his beautiful jumper.

Qudus Wahab scored on a superb jump hook in the paint & on a great immediate rising jumper from 17 feet with great form & fundamentals.

 Best Underclassman : Dowar Jiokolow (Flint Hill)

Dowar Jiokolow, 6’8.5″, WF/W, 2020. Dowar is not putting up big scoring numbers @ a little under 10ppg, but he is so impressive for a 2020 player. Last night he scored 11 points & grabbed 7 rebounds, & played a superb game. Dowar has excellent offensive skills and fundamentals inside 15 feet & really knows how to use his super long winspan. He scored using his opposite right hand on some up & unders, drop steps & jump hook. We rank Dowar @ #10 in our Virginia 2020 rankings & Dowar is a excellent defender with a huge upside.

Best off the Bench : Teo Rice (Maret), Christian Turner (Flint Hill)

Mateo Rice, 6’1″ G, 2020. Maret HS.  Mateo is a promising 6’1″ sophomoric  G who came off the bench & scored 4 points. Maret does not have much depth this season going 6 or 7 deep & Maret will look for Mateo to provide a boost off the bench.

Christian Turner, 6’5″ W, 2019. Flint Hill HS. Christian scored 4 or 6  points in linted playing time, but played very well on both side of the ball. This fall Christian had a very successful 1st season as WR & it took about 4 weeks for him to get back into basketball shape. He has a very high IQ & his MO is slashing at the rim. His 3 point shooting could become a weapon for Christian. He is a very good defender & rebounder who could be a key player for Flint Hill this season.

 Best Intangibles : Justin Taylor (Flint Hill)

Justin Taylor, 6’2.5″ CG, 2018. Flint Hill HS. Justin is very powerfully built at 190 pounds & very tough. He impacts the game with out scoring & did a nice job tonight getting some 50/50s & deflections. Despite not scoring at high level Justin is still a very, very good college prospect.


Luke DowningBest Under-The-Radar Performance: Luke Downing (Maret)

Luke Downing, 6’3″, WG, 2018. Maert HS. Coming into the season Luke was known as knockdown spot up 3 point shooter. This has not changed, but Luke is now a very good jump shooter off the dribble. Additionally, he is a very smart player who plays with a high motor & can defend. Luke has very strong & powerful physique he uses to battle for rebounds. I believe Luke will play next season at the University of Chicago, bu I will confirm this tomorrow.


Going Forward : Flint Hill & Maret.

Head Flint Hill Coach Rico Reed has very nice & young nucleus in 6’11’ 2019,Qudus Wahab, 6’8.5″ 2020  Dowar Jiokolow & 6’5″2019 Christian Turnerwho can play several positions,  injured 2019 6’1′ PG Ethan Jones & a nice scoring CG in 5’9″ 2019 Isaiah Moore.  Going forward 6’3″ 2018 CG Justin Moore & Christian Turner could be the key players for an increased role  the remainder of the season as the Huskies face a very tough MAC schedule.

Maret will be a strong contender to win the MAC. However, lack of experienced height off the bench is a concern. The main core of Elijah Bowens, EJ Jarvis & Luke Downing is one of the MAC’s best. In January Marets will play key games, @ St. James on 1-12-18, Sidwell Friends @ home on 1-16-18 & vs St. Andrews Episcopal & an away rematch with Flint Hill on 1-28-18. The MAC is very deep with  Sidwell Friends, St. Andrews, St. James, Maret, Flint Hill, The Potomac School. Geogetown Day appears to be on the rise. January will give us an idea who makes separation from the MAC & even the IAC which are the 2nd & 3rd best conference in the DC DM with great college prospects from all levels