Weekend Wonders: Class of 2019

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/6/17 2:12 PM

John Marshall HS 2019 Guard Lavar Allen: He has a very solid frame similar to a running back, but has the quickness and craftiness that you like to see from a guard. He shot the ball fairly well but more importantly did a good job of getting the team into its sets and staying aggressive to attack the paint. Most importantly he was good on the defensive end, causing all types of havoc on that end of the floor.

Overhills HS 2019 Forward/Center: Jeremyah McWilliams: He’s in his first year of varsity basketball but at 6’6 you can see why there is some potential and intrigue there, he rebounded the ball well and is close to averaging a double/double on the season.

Cape Fear Christian 2019 Guard Riley Adams: He’s coming back from an ankle injury so he’s still not at full strength but he made some plays and showed the ability to knock down the deep ball at a very high rate. He will be one to keep an eye on once he gets fully healthy and will be a player that CFCA will look to for production.

John Marshall HS 2019 Guard Aubrey Merritt: Was solid throughout the game, he really got after it on both ends of the floor and is a player that can really excel when they game turns into an uptempo contest. His shooting is solid but where he really makes his impact is by slashing to the basket for layups.

Overhills 2019 Guard Zavian Mclean: If you asked the crowd of people in the gym if they knew this young man before the game started, there probably would have only been a handful of people that did. Well once this game was over I can guarantee you that just about everyone in the building knew. He clearly was on the scouting report for Millbrook as they threw all types of defenders at him but yet he still found ways to score. He plays extremely hard and doesn’t take any plays off on either end of the floor, he has tremendous athletic ability and is a sleeper at this point for D1’s but D2 programs are already showing strong interest.

Northwood Temple 2019 PG John Michael Wright: Plays with a toughness that you love to see in a guard, especially in one that is below 6 feet. He doesn’t turn the ball over much and can score it nicely, once he gets into the paint he used his athleticism to challenge taller opponents.

Northwood Temple 2019 Guard Josh Nickelberry: The jump shot wasn’t falling for Josh on Friday night so it was interesting to see him still be aggressive by attacking the basket instead of settling. He has good upper body strength and athletic ability that allows him to embrace contact well when he attacks the basket, he bounced back with a better shooting day on Saturday vs Bull City Prep.

Mt Zion 2019 Point Guard El Ellis: The more you see this young man play, the more you have to like his game and potential. He makes the correct play on most occasions and doesn’t allow anything to rattle him, he can score it but looks to get teammates involved first, knows how to win.