Washington – Senior Sleepers and stock raisers

High School

Posted On: 12/19/17 5:57 PM

Each year, seniors in Washington that are not household names emerge during the non-conference tournament season. For one reason or another, these players have hovered under the radar. Some don’t play on elite travel teams, others play multiple sports. Several of these players made waves in the past few weeks.

Senior Sleepers and stock raisers:

Class of 2019 point guard DaeShawn Wayne is a quick and shifty 6’0 point guard that will be playing with the Northwest Panthers on the circuit. He is a lead guard that likes to dish the rock. Pesky on ball defender that has good leadership qualities. Good D2 prospect. He still needs to improve on his long-range shooting, which will come in time and with the right program he can really flourish into becoming a very good player.. He has a serious handle which enables him to blow by his defender and can finish with both hands at the rim.

Class of 2020 5’10 guard Bradley Graham hasn’t touched a piece of his potential yet. His ceiling is “non-existent”. He will be the top point guard in the state of Washington.  I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of who I think will be one of the top guards in the State of Washington by his Senior year and even though I have seen a lot of basketball in the state of Washington throughout my years. I have never came across a player who excited me like this young man. Already at the age of 15 has some of the best handles I have seen on this side of the mountain. A quick release and limitless range. Literally has eyes in the back of his head and can see a play develop before it happens. He put few of the Boise Slam players in a spin cycle with some of signature moves.

Kenneth Curtis – 5’7 – Rainier Beach High School – 2019. Kenneth definitely embodies the heart over height attitude. Standing at only 5’7 he has a deceptively quick first step.  His number one asset is his court vision. He is able to see plays happen before they take shape. His three point shot has improved over the years and he is now deadly inside and out. He is able to attack the paint amongst the giants and finish with both hands.

Blanchet’s exciting freshman point guard Maui Sze is making his case as one of the best freshmen in the state. Playing in the toughest league in Washington, Sze is gaining much experience as the starting point guard, going against college bound guards night in and night out. Only a freshman and standing at 5’10, he can only do so much to help the struggling (4-13) Braves win games. But no matter what, he competes at a high level and gives great effort. Sze has a high basketball IQ, playing at a solid pace, with the ability to change speeds and explode out of moves off the dribble. He has some what of a Steve Nash feel to his game, keeping his dribble alive when he penetrates to the hoop and finding open teammates. He has good court vision and can really get it going from behind the arc, knocking down threes with his quick release.

Jeremy Spencer of the North Thurston Rams is a tough guard that embraces physicality. His biggest strength is taking the ball to the basket whether it is in transition or taking his man off the dribble in the half court. Jeremy can also take control of a team in the half court and initiate sets. North Thurston is a team that tends to use very little clock when they are not in transition, so Jeremy has the responsibility of ensuring execution. The 6’0 guard does a good job getting after it defensively with active hands.