Updated 2018 Prospect Rankings: Top Guards


Posted On: 12/8/17 8:51 PM

Recently, we released our updated class of 2018 prospect rankings. It’s important to note that these rankings are not a simple measure of “who’s better right now” or “who will have a better college career.” Instead, the rankings were developed by taking into consideration a player’s production in their current situation as well as their potential ability to play college ball, with the latter holding slightly more weight. It is also important to note that these rankings aren’t the determining factor in a player’s success both at the high school level and the college level. With this being said, let’s take a look at the top 5 guards in this year’s 2018 prospect rankings:

Dave Dejulius (#1 Guard, #3 Overall)

The Michigan signee is looking more and more like a steal for Michigan as time goes on. He’s the epitome of a coaches dream – he has great talent that’s only outmatched by his work ethic, both to go along with upstanding character. As far as on the court performance is concerned, Dejulius is a Mr. Basketball candidate for a reason. He will be the top player on an East English squad in which he put up good numbers for last year, only this year his touches will increase as current Marquette guard Greg Elliot graduated. Disregarding height, Dejulius has a physical advantage over most high school guards as he’s already done a great job at filling out his frame. He uses this advantage to penetrate and draw fouls – he makes a living at the free throw line. All around, he’s one of the most complete players in the state. Dejulius gets the nod over Loyer due to his advantages physically.

Foster Loyer (#2 Guard, #4 Overall)

Loyer comes in as a close second to Dejulius – many people have made the argument that Loyer should be ranked higher due to his impressive resume. He’s certainly proven time and time again that he’s no stranger to putting up big numbers. The state champ is also a Mr. Basketball candidate this season, something of which he’ll most definitely have a strong case for as Clarkston is bound to be good yet again. Loyer’s ability to run the point and lead his team (he’s been described as a coach on the court), as well as put up big individual numbers is what sets him apart from most. Despite not being physically imposing, he’s a sniper from anywhere on the court and has crafty handles that allow him to have success penetrating. Loyer does a great job at limiting his mistakes – he one of those guys that always seems to make the right play. He’s signed to Michigan State.

Brandon Wade (#3 Guard, #8 Overall)

The 2018 is truly loaded with talent. There was a lot of talk as AAU season wrapped up as to why Wade was yet to receive a high-major D1 offer like the previous two guards on this list, however, it may have worked out for the better. He signed with Duquesne and is likely in a position to make an impact instantly, with the potential to have a great 4-year career. As far as his play in high school is concerned, Wade is accustomed to stellar performances. After finishing his last season of AAU strong, he looks to lead a Skyline team that was rated in the top 10 for Class A by most. Wade is a complete point guard who has virtually no weakness besides for the fact that he doesn’t play above the rim – something of which that he’s proved over and over again that he doesn’t need to do to dominate any level of competition. Wade has the talent to explode for a monster season this year.

Lamar Norman (#4 Guard, #11 Overall)

Norman is in a similar situation to Wade in a couple different ways. Both have been consistent producers over the course of their high school/AAU careers. Both are elite players offensively who have the ability to lock up if needed. Both are in positions to lead their teams to successful seasons with the potential to make a deep run in the playoffs. Norman was signed with UTEP until the recent release of their head coach, which caused him to re-open his recruitment. He’s one of the most electric players in the state – he has perhaps the best case for best athlete in the state. In addition to his elite athleticism, Norman is a high-level shooter who has an ability to catch fire and bury 6,7,8 threes in a game. In his first game of his senior season, he surpassed the 1,000 point mark for his career. This landmark should set the tone for what has all the makings to be a great final campaign.

Rashad Williams (#5 Guard, #14 Overall)

Williams is yet another player who’s been killing the competition for years now. Perhaps the best all around shooter in the state, he’s more than capable of hitting 7+ threes on any given night. One thing that stands out about Williams is his ability to take over games – when he gets hot, he can simply out score the other team. He has the handles to get wherever he wants on the court or create space to free himself up for a shot. In addition to his scoring, he’s an underrated facilitator. Like Wade at Duquesne, Williams has the ability to make an impact at Cleveland State immediately with the potential to have a great 4-year career. Before he does that, however, he’ll look to lead Wayne Memorial to a successful season in his final campaign.