Top Rim Protectors – Washington State

High School

Posted On: 12/29/17 1:33 PM

We have some notable rim protectors who are making a name for themselves on the defensive end. These guys can really clog the middle and protect the paint.

Fardaws Aimaq – 6’10” | PF | AthELITE and Steveston-London Secondary School, Richmond, Canada. I think by now, Fardaws has proved himself to be if not the best, then right there as the best mid college big man in the state. He has the frame and scoring ability to really do some damage down low. At 6’10, his frame is going to add a ton of strength and he’s proven that he can reasonably defend face-up four men which gives him a little more flexibility. Better have offers by the end of this month.

Class of 2018 Riley Sorn Stands 7 feet 3 inches, Sorn is the tallest basketball player in the state of Washington. He has a great defensive presence, meeting lay ups and dunks at the rim for blocked shots. With his height and length alone, it will make shots harder for opposing player.

“I think my biggest strength on the court is that I am a rim is that I am a rim protector. Most teams hesitate when attacking the basket when I’m in the middle because they know that most shots I am going to get to. The coaching staff at Washington Supreme have made that very clear that my primary role is just that.” said Sorn.

Class of 2017 and Team Arsenal standout 6’8 power forward Andre Kelly is a very skilled post player. He is a strong athlete who powered his way to several buckets through traffic and some serious contact. He has the length and moves well off ball to get in good positions for easy dunks and layups already though. His defense has really catapulted him in the conversation as one of the better rim protectors. He has some meat but is very bouncy. So those 1st and 2nd shot attempts he can get to.

Philip Pepple – Shorecrest. Pepple is a physical post player who loves to bang and battle with the best. He is very athletic, catching the ball on the block and jumping through defenders for aggressive dunks at the rim. He is solid at blocking shots also, meeting dunks at the rim.

Matt Poquette – Morton White-Pass. Poquette will surprise a lot of people this grassroots season, as he continues to grow and develop. He is very athletic, finishing plays with aggressive dunks at the rim. He runs the floor well and can some what handle the ball. He is improving his handles and attacking the rim much better now. He should gain some college looks this summer playing with Washington Supreme. Defensively he can guard positions 3-5 but is better guarding in the paint because he has strength and the ability to