Timberline vs. Tumwater – player notes

High School

Posted On: 12/5/17 11:39 AM

Earlier this week Timberline and Tumwater faced off in the first meeting of the year. I can definitely say that there will be some good battles to come. With Stevenson leading the charge and some other notables pitching in. Timberline was able to seal the win with a 70-42 victory over the T Birds.

T Birds Damien Gaither was all over the place when it came to the offensive glass. He rarely missed an opportunity to crash the boards after a shot went up. Gaither has a solid vertical, allowing him to out jump most of his opponents during this event. If he establishes position on you, Gaither is a hard guy to out-rebound.

T Birds Luke Murphy managed to sky over any and everyone looking to snag a board over him. He kept his elbows high to establish his position after the rebound, didn’t let people get a hand in to try and swipe the ball away. His timing on the hop was impeccable. Reeves was one who had a nose to pursue the basketball at any costs.

Blazers Erik Stevenson simply put, he’s a battler! If this senior penetrated the paint, but missed the lay-in, he stayed in the trenches with the bigs to lunge for put-backs and tip-ins. Stevenson understands that it is now HIS turn to lead the blazers by example. With play like this, it won’t be hard to get his squad behind him if the effort continues.

T Birds Cj Geathers is just cracking the height of six-foot-even, but Geathers made a strong statement to the competition letting them know that he’ll be a hard cover, this season. Especially on the defensive end, where he shows heart and grit. This is what you want out of your guard play: someone who can rise above the masses, snag the rock, and push the break. CJ does that very well.

Blazers Mason Simita gave his squad a ton of hustle off the free throw miss to snag rebounds on both sides of the court. This is a guy you want on the floor if you’re down and you have to put your “energy” lineup in. He’s going to the glass with 100% effort. Loved watching him work!