Thursday Night Recap


Posted On: 12/15/17 10:40 AM

As we near the end of Week 4, here is a recap of some of the top games from this past Thursday. With the season underway, a number of teams are showing that they are contenders while others are dangerously close to being labelled as pretenders.

Thursday Night Recap

Davis 73 vs. East 58

In the top non-region games from Thursday night, Davis took down a talented East team on the road. The game was much closer than the final score indicates. However, Davis took an early lead that they managed to hold on to for the rest of the game.

East is led by Mikey Frazier who had a big night last night. Despite being 3-3, East has competed in all of their three loses. This group looks to be dangerous by the end of the year as they are far from peaking. They have plenty of talent and will continue to get better and better throughout the season.

Davis has played solid all season with their only lose coming to Corner Canyon. This team is well balanced and well coached. With that said, they play a tough schedule and will have to continue to play their best basketball to keep winning basketball games. With that said, Davis is one of the top 5 teams in 6A at the moment with a number of high caliber wins early in the season. Josh Sanders and Tyson Garff lead the way for this team due to their strong shooting abilities. Further, Brenden Redford controls the glass and does a great job of playing the X-Factor role as he does whatever the team needs to win.

Logan 57 vs. Pine View 40

Logan has been up and down this season despite their talented team. Thus, this was a big win for them in what is hopefully a game that gets them into a rhythm and enables them to reach their peak. Anthony McDade needs to be the primary facilitator and decision maker for Logan in order for them to maximize their potential. McDade did that as he led the team in scoring. In addition to McDade, Jared Bagley is a sharp shooter who aids in stretching the floor while Josh Jensen gives them a big who can finish around the rim. This win could be the start of Logan playing the type of basketball they are capable of playing going down the stretch.

Pine View also came into this game needing a win to get their momentum back. After starting the season 4-0, they have now dropped their last 3. Unfortunately, the schedule does not get much easier for the group either. Tayler Tobler was not as effective on the offensive end as he typically is which was part of the problem for Pine View. They struggled to score the basketball and Tobler usually generates the most production on that end of the floor. With that said, Jack O’Donnell had a strong game with a near double-double and a team high 12 points.

Snow Canyon 58 vs. Manti 56

Snow Canyon needed this win in the worst way as they began the Coach Walker Classic on Thursday. Although it is against a smaller school opponent, this win gives them two in a row and could potentially provide them with the momentum that they need to get their season on track. Joey Robertson continued to be a bright spot for this team as he dropped 28 points against Manti. In order for Snow Canyon to continue to have success after this two game winning streak, it is important that Robertson continues to play high level basketball.

Manti now has two losses on the season, but they are both respectable losses. Grantsville is one of the teams in 3A and took down Manti. Further, 4A Snow Canyon beat them in this close one. Manti is going to end up surprising people and will make a strong run in the state tournament, assuming they stay injury free. Matt Nelson’s strong play has been crucial to this team’s success. He is a knock down shooter who is not afraid to get in the paint. Further, he competes well on the glass. Manti is going to be a tough out in the state tournament.