Posted On: 12/9/17 8:00 PM

Ten Best: Yukon vs Norman North

In the third place game from the Durant Lions Classic, Norman North took off from the get go. They built a 10-point lead in the first quarter led by Shemar Smith and coasted to the victory. Late in the fourth quarter however Yukon went on a run to make the game more interesting before falling to Norman North 62-50.


MVP: Shemar Smith 2019 Wing

Shemar Smith played the best game against Yukon. He scored Norman North’s first six points and was huge on the defensive end of the court. Smith showed his athleticism throughout the game throwing down some big time dunks. He also showed a bit of immaturity late in the game when he hung on the rim too long after a dunk that capped the game off. Smith is a fun player to watch and if Norman North can move the ball and get him involved they will be hard to beat.


Offensive player of the game: Jalen Crutchfield 2018 Guard

Jalen Crutchfield was the best shooter in the gym. He was not very involved in the first half and only had five points at the half, but in the second half he caught fire. he led his team in the second half and made sure Norman North finished off the Millers. He finished the game with 17 points and was the top scorer from the game. If Crutchfield and Smith both get hot, they will be hard to beat. Crutchfield is commited to Stetson.


Defensive player of the game Shemar Smith

Shemar Smith won the MVP award mainly because of his defensive performance. He blocked shots throughout the night and caused Yukon to shoot from the perimeter. When Yukon got in the paint Smith either got the block or affected the shot in some way. He also forced Yukon to turn the ball over because of his length on the inside. Shemar might have trouble in the paint in the future, but against a smaller Yukon team he thrived.


Best coaching decision: Playing the youth

Yukon was dead to rights in the third quarter. They trailed by as many as 18 and did not look like they wanted to be in the gym in the second half. Late in the third quarter, however everything changed. Yukon’s head coach, Kevin Ritter decided to change all five of his starters out for younger players, 2020 Guards Carson Lambakis, Jake Love, and 2021 Guard Seaford Arnett. The youth thrived and started hitting shots and even got the Millers back into the game so much so that the coach put back in the starters.


Under the Radar Performance: Cole Robertson Norman North 2018 Guard

Cole Robertson ran the point for much of the night against Yukon and did it to perfection. Robertson took care of the ball and did not turn it over in a game where turnovers where common. Although he did not appear a lot in the scoring column, he played a game that was warranted of a mention. He was a pest on the defensive side of the ball and forced Yukon into many different turnovers. He finished the game with five points. Robertson is a solid point guard that small colleges might keep an eye on.


Best aspect of the game: The tournament urgency

The best aspect of the game was the urgency both teams played with to start the game. The teams may have been too excited as both teams turned the ball over on their first few possessions. Despite that the teams came out wanting to win the third place game, which might not be the case with some teams. Both teams showed this sense of intensity and it was fun to watch.


Most intriguing prospect: Carson Price Yukon 2019 Guard

Carson Price shot the ball well for Yukon when he was left open. He showed athleticism and the ability to run the point. He handled the ball well for the Millers and. He had some range and hit some 3- pointers in the second quarter to try to get his team back in the game. If Price is left open he can knock down the shot and he will be a player to watch throughout the season as he tries to lead Yukon through the rest of the season.


Best Underclassmen: Sanford Arnett Yukon 2021 Guard

When Yukon was down big and switched out the starting five for some underclassmen, Arnett entered the game. When the youth entered they changed it. In the short amount of time that Arnett got to play, he scored 6 points and shot the ball well. He was able to get in the paint and score. He also provided a spark that they needed to get back in the game. Arnett is getting decent minutes in his freshman year and he will be a player to watch over the next few years as he develops.