The Ten Best: Midwest City vs Del City


Posted On: 12/5/17 5:40 PM

On Tuesday afternoon Midwest City took on rival Del City with a great crowd on hand. The Bombers took care of Del City with an 82-45 blowout victory. 2020 Guard Christian Cook led Midwest City with 25 points off the bench. The Eagles are not entirely healthy with Nate Goodlow nursing a hurt ankle. Don't count the Eagles out in Class 5A. Del City will be just fine with head coach Lenny Hatchett leading the way. Both of these teams are expected to compete late into March. Now for the ten best…..

MVP: JD Ray 2019 Midwest City Point Guard

I had heard that JD had really stepped up this offseason and was going to be a massive part of the Bombers squad this season from many people. They were completely correct. Ray is the focal point in the Bombers offense scoring 22 points without playing much in the final quarter of play. He brings it on both ends of the floor. Despite being small in stature, Ray came up huge for Midwest City. Ray is a prospect who is rising in the 2019 Oklahoma Class. Prep Hoops Oklahoma projects Ray to be one of the top NCAA Division II prospects in the 2019 Class. Best Offensive Performance: Christian Cook 2020 Midwest City Guard  Cook had a breakout performance shooting the three-pointer lights out. He scored the ball primarily from behind the arc. When Del City started to hang with Cook closing out strong against him, Cook displayed high IQ basketball moves to the hoop. The ability to shoot the basketball at a high percentage from deep will open the floor for Cook this season. Best Defensive Performance: Marquis Smith 2018 Midwest City Guard Smith brought intensity to the floor throughout the game for the Bombers. He is an undersized Guard that has a good handle and can score the basketball. What Smith is clearly best at is executing his role being the physical, tough guy on defense for Midwest City. He came up with steal after steal throughout the game. Smith will reek havoc for opponents all season. Best Coaching Decision: The PRESS The best coaching decision was Midwest City using their defensive press throughout the game. They caused a ton of turnovers which helped them to easy transition baskets on offense. Best Aspect of the Environment: The Crowd It was a rare afternoon game due to Mid-Del rules. I loved the atmosphere with a ton of students filling the Midwest City arena. Schools should think about doing at least one game a year during the late afternoon hours of school and letting students pack the place. Best Play: Steal, pass and finish to Christian Cook in transition  How does Del City respond? 

The Eagles were outmatched from the beginning of the game. Nate Goodlow on a bum ankle was a severe blow to their chances to hang with the Bombers. The thing I would watch for is how do the Eagles young players develop over this season. Come March I think the Eagles will have a tremendous experienced group of sophomores that could do some damage in the Class 5A State Tournament.

Best Underclassman: Makale Smith 2021 Midwest City Guard

Smith is an intriguing prospect in the 2021 Oklahoma Class. As a Combo Guard Smith does not have great height but does have a ton of attributes that make him a prospect to know. He has a solid handle that could allow him to become a Point Guard down the line if he doesn't grow anymore. Smith scored the ball at all three levels for Midwest City. What stood out the most was how strong he drove the ball to the basket even when he knew he was going to be fouled. Smith has some swagger about his game. Game Leaders: Christian Cook 25 points (Midwest City); Issac Beverly 12 points (Del City)
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