Ten Best: Booker T. Washington vs Edison


Posted On: 12/1/17 1:46 AM

On Thursday night we saw a Top 10 Matchup in Class 5A between top-ranked Booker T. Washington and ninth-ranked Edison. The game was on a knife’s edge the whole game and Edison gave Booker T Washington all they could. Edison played what was probably their best game of the year so far and even led by seven through three-quarters of play. Booker T Washington got hot in the fourth quarter and outscored Edison 34-20 in the final period of play to take the victory 79-71.

The game was entertaining and had a ton of talent on the court. This game featured players that project to high major college basketball levels all the way down to guys that will be really talented small college guys.

Now for the ten best…..

MVP: Seth Hurd 2019 Booker T. Washington Post

Seth Hurd has often times been a utility man for Booker T. Washington. Hurd does all the things that are not often in the spotlight and he never complains about it. He pulls down rebounds constantly and plays well on both sides of the ball. Hurd had a monster game on the glass pulling down 14 boards. Hurd got his chance to shine tonight when he took over the game in the fourth quarter. Going into the fourth, Booker T. Washington was trailing by seven and then they started to feed Hurd. Hurd scored 13 of his 17 points in the fourth quarter and absolutely took over the game. Edison could not find an answer for Hurd and that is why he is the MVP of this game. Once Booker T. Washington utilized their big men, they could not be stopped. Hurd has a lot of potential and if Booker T. Washington continues to utilize their big men, he will have a big year.


Best offensive performance: Trey Phipps 2020 Booker T. Washington Guard

Trey Phipps had another impressive night from the floor. He was able to force turnovers on the defensive end and got easy baskets because of it. Phipps has ‘in the gym’ range as he was able to shoot the ball very well from deep. He finished the night with 29 points. Phipps contributions reached far further than just the offensive side of the ball. He was a continuous pest on defense and ended up getting 3 steals throughout the nigh. He stepped up in a big way and showed great leadership skills on the court. Phipps at one point lifted up his team with energy an enthusiasm when the Hornets were trailing. Phipps has started the season red hot and will hope to continue his great start.

Best defensive performance: Loddie Combs 2020 Edison Guard 

Loddie Combs was the best player on the defensive side of the ball tonight. Combs was tasked with the hardest assignment, guarding Bryce Thompson. Combs played Thompson tight the entire night and at the half had limited him to only five points. Combs forced Booker T. Washington into many different turnovers and gave Edison a lot of easy baskets in transition. Combs finished the night with 11 points, but that does not do him justice for what he did on the defensive side of the ball. Combs will be a consistent threat to any team that Edison faces throughout the season as he has the ability to lock down his opponents.

Best coaching decision: Faceguarding Bryce Thompson 

Throughout the night Bryce Thompson struggling to find an open shot because he was guarding so tightly. Edison head coach, Michael Parish, gets the best coaching decision as Bryce Thompson could have taken over the game if Edison would not have keyed on him.

Best aspect of the environment: The Crowd

Two Tulsa teams facing off in close proximity to each other promises a great crowd. From the start, Edison’s crowd was in the game. They were so loud and rowdy at times it dwarfed the rest of the crowd. Booker T. Washington’s crowd got loud in the second half and finished the game strong. Both crowds went back and forth at each other multiple times throughout the night with Edison winning the edge in decibel level.

Best play: The transition dunk from Jaycson Bereal


Most intriguing prospect: Quentin Asberry 2020 Edison Guard

Asberry had probably the best offensive performance for the Eagles. Being in the class of 2020, Asberry has a lot of potential. He showed what quality of a player he was tonight against what is most likely the most talented starting five in the state of Oklahoma. On both sides of the ball, Asberry played well and finished the game with 13 points. Teams need to take notice of Asberry as he continues to perform at high levels for the Eagles and is only in the 2020 class.

Best Under the Radar Performance: Elisha Brantley 2018 Booker T. Washington Guard

While his name does not appear on the stat sheet as much as some of his teammates, Elisha Brantley had the best under the radar performance. On a star-studded team, it can often be hard when you are often overshadowed by some of your teammates, but Brantley does his part to a tee. For the most part, Brantley brings the ball up the court and gets Booker T. Washington into their offense. He hardly ever turns the ball over and is always where he needs to be. He plays good defense and is often times underappreciated. Brantley will have a good year for Booker T. Washington as he continues his consistent performances.