Super Sophomore: Jalen Cone

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/18/17 11:43 AM

The #2 ranked sophomore in North Carolina, Jalen Cone is having one of the best seasons in the region at Walkertown High School in Kernersville just outside of Winston-Salem. Cone has had games of 49 points, 40 points and a couple in the 30’s. 

He is an athletic scoring guard that can score from all over the floor and can jump out of the gym. He stands at 5-foot-9 and is capable of taking over a game by himself. He can fill the scoreboard up and can get his teammates involved. PrepHoopNC’s Justin Byerly had the opportunity to chat with Cone about the season so far and how his recruiting process is coming along.

Justin Byerly: How’s the season going so far?

Jalen Cone: Season is going good so far! Gotta get some more wins under our belt but we’re getting better everyday in practice.

Justin Byerly: What schools have been in touch?

Jalen Cone: Xavier, Wake Forest, Clemson, Portland, UConn, and Wichita State have been in touch lately.

Justin Byerly: You play a lot like former NC State and current Dallas Mavericks point guard Dennis Smith. Talk on that for a minute.

Jalen Cone: I’m Honored to be compared to someone that has achieved all my goals I’m trying to achieve but I’m trying to be the best Jalen Cone I can be. I don’t wanna be the next, I wanna be the first Jalen Cone and build my own legacy.

Justin Byerly: What are your goals for this season?

Jalen Cone: For school ball my goals are to win the Frank Spencer Christmas tournament, compete for a State title, and win Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of NC. Summer ball my goals are to win Championships, work and get better everyday, and prove I’m the best PG in the country for 2020.

Justin Byerly: What have you improved on since last season?

Jalen Cone: I have improved on shooting the ball a lot better, mid-range to deep threes. I’ve also gotten better with being a leader and controlling the game and going the hardest on the floor.