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High School

Posted On: 12/29/17 1:15 PM

Here are a couple of players who have really taken the off-season seriously and have added key elements to their game and are ready to have a very successful 2017-18 season.

Kenneth Curtis – 5’7 – Rainier Beach High School – 2019

Kenneth definitely embodies the heart over height attitude. Standing at only 5’7 he has a deceptively quick first step. His number one asset is his court vision. He is able to see plays happen before they take shape. His three point shot has improved over the years and he is now deadly inside and out. He is able to attack the paint amongst the giants and finish with both hands.

Eloheim Johnson – 5’10 – Lakes High School – 2020

Elo is one of the top players in Washington in his class. He is a very shifty point guard who can create his own shot as well as create shots for others. He has the ability to slice through the smallest openings at high-speed. When running the pick and roll game, when he is going downhill he is virtually unguardable. Recruitment should start to pick up for this young man starting in early July.

Eric Butler – 6’2 – Smith Station High School – 2020

Eric Butler has some of the smoothest moves you will see coming from a sophomore in high school. He has a quick release which enables him to pull at any given moment. He can play either the one or the two and has a very high IQ. His ability to play off the ball is where he shines the most because he is able to break the defense down and get to the room with ease. You should start to see some of the top Pac 12 programs going after this young man.

Emmitt Matthews Jr – 6’7 – Wilson High School – 2018

Emmitt is no stranger to the big stage. This man plays with a high motor and has some of the most elite athleticism in the Tacoma area. With offers from many Pac 12 schools and other schools around the country he is most definitely on everyone’s radar. For how tall he is he is very shifty and has a very good mid range pull up. With his last year approaching he is most definitely going to have some big games for the Wilson Rams. I wouldn’t be surprised if he surpassed the 55 point performance by one of his past teammates Mr. South Dakota State himself David Jenkins.

Colby Kyle – 6’8 – Monroe High School – 2018

This young man has been making quite a name for himself this past season. He is a very athletic Forward who can shoot the long-range 3 and can also penetrate through the defense. Interest have started to pile up for Colby and he looks to continue his impressive season in July again some of the most elite talent on the circuit. If you ask any of his friends they will tell you the most exciting part of his game are his chase down blocks.